Beat Games Offers Small Update On Official Custom Level Support On Quest

The developers of Beat Saber, Beat Games, offered a small update on official custom level support for the Oculus Quest, which was first announced back in May.

Previously, Quest users could use a sideloaded app, BeatOn, to manage and download custom Beat Saber levels to their device. Recently, the developers of BeatOn announced they were withdrawing support, which came after a clarification to the Oculus Content Guidelines.

This led many to refer back to this tweet from Beat Games in May, which indicated an update would support custom levels on Quest that were built on PC using the level editor. Responding to a Twitter user asking about the ETA of official support for custom levels on Quest, Beat Games recently posted the following:

“We are definitely planning to allow our players to play custom levels in the future. We just have to rethink the whole approach to make sure we are not violating any law or copyright rights.”

The tweet is, of course, referring to the fact that the majority of Beat Saber custom levels use unlicensed popular music tracks. BeatOn on the Quest downloaded audio and beat maps for custom songs that users had bookmarked on an online directory. The Beat Saber devs, however, seem to be trying to work out the best official approach for custom songs on Quest.

For now, it looks like Quest and PSVR users will continue to live a Beat Saber life without custom levels. In fact, that’s the topic of this week’s Community Download: Would You Still Play Beat Saber Without Custom Songs? Let us know your answer over there in the comments!

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