Beat Saber Partners With SUBPAC On Limited Edition Haptic Vest, Available Now

‘Feel the Beat’ for $299.

In the world of haptic feedback accessories, the SUBPAC Wearable Physical Sound System is a favorite among VR entertainment providers. By surrounding the wearer with optimized tactile transducers, SUBPAC translates music, sound effects, and various other audio cues into physical impressions. These minor vibrations simulate various amounts of force and pressure that can be felt from the wearer’s bones all the way to their inner ear.

So far the technology has been adopted by everyone from music producers and DJ’s, to location-based entertainment providers and hardcore VR enthusiasts looking to add an additional layer of immersion to their experience. 

Image Credit: Beat Games, SUBPAC

Today, SUBPAC revealed a new partnership with Beat Saber developer Beat Games to release a limited edition Beat Saber-themed SUBPAC vest. Priced at $299, the Beat Saber x SUBPAC vest features custom Beat Saber branding on its back as well as new materials that increase physical sensations. Other than that the device is fairly similar to that of SUBAC’s more expensive M2X vest with a few minor exceptions, including slightly shorter battery life, lack of headphone audio pass-through, as well as a slightly heavier design.

Here’s a small breakdown of the Beat Saber x SUBPAC’s features:

  • New materials and design for enhanced vibratory field and impact.
  • New optimized tactile transducers for improved accuracy and energy efficiency.
  • New ergonomic shape for maximum body contact and comfort.
  • Nanosilver treated materials to control bacteria and odor from active use.
  • Slimmer control box with dedicated placement points on the unit.
  • Flexible control cable for greater ease of movement.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 input with A2DP streaming.
  • High capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery now runs 6+ hours per charge.

Earlier this year, Beat Games partnered with SUBPAC to create a custom version of Beat Saber designed specifically to accommodate deaf players. Using the SUBPAC haptic vest, players with hearing difficulties were able to feel the music as well as their interactions in-game interactions, allowing them to experience the same level of immersion that is offered to other players.

Feature Image Credit: Beat Games, SUBPAC

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