Medal of Honor Gets Series Veteran For Soundtrack, Listen Here

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Upcoming VR-exclusive Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond has enrolled series veteran Michael Giacchino and Nami Melumad for its soundtrack, and you can listen to the main theme now.

Giacchino himself will be best known for recent Hollywood projects like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Spider-Man: Far From Home, but actually has a long history with the Medal of Honor series itself. He’s worked on almost every entry in the series since its first release in 1999 (including the very excellent score for Medal of Honor: Frontline). Bringing him on board for Above and Beyond is a bit of a full-circle moment, as the game’s also developed by members of the original Medal of Honor team at Respawn Entertainment.

Melumad, meanwhile, is a series newcomer that’s recently worked on TV series like Absentia and Dead End. Together the pair have released the main theme for the game, which is available to stream now. If you’re familiar with the series’ older entries (and not the more recent modern-era games) then this will sound pretty nostalgic; lots of soothing patriotic theatrics and warming lulls to be found here.

Not long to go now – Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond arrives on PC VR (both the Oculus Store and SteamVR) on December 11th. The game promises a highly-polished single-player campaign paired with multiplayer modes too.

Recently publisher Facebook confirmed that it would look into bringing the game to the Oculus Quest after release, but the studio won’t compromise the PC version in order to make it happen. “Once the PC content is final, we will assess what it would take to get Above and Beyond on Quest, and with that exercise complete we’ll be able to make a decision,” Oculus Studios producer Mike Doran told us. “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is an extremely large, complicated game. Such a port would not be trivial and we won’t do it if we don’t think we can deliver on quality.”