Splitverse Debuts Brilliant MR Short Film With Low-Fi, Flight Sim & More

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Splitverse, the company behind some brilliant mixed reality trailers for games like Wraith and Tarzan, just debuted its own short film showcasing the power of the platform.

The 15-minute short is called CyberCat 2020 — no doubt a nod to a certain upcoming videogame — and follows a young gamer that hops between VR titles with a newly-adopted stray cat in an attempt to avoid an evil animal control officer. It uses Splitverse’s MR tech to make the actors (and even the cat) really appear as if they’re in the game worlds. The piece hops between some of our most anticipated titles coming in the near future. Check it out below.

Things start out in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is getting VR support next month, before making whirlwind visits to natural locomotion platformer, Eye of the Temple, and dystopian sci-fi sim, Low-Fi. The chase comes to a dramatic conclusion atop a skyscraper in Richie’s Plank Experience. Beat Saber player Logan Theobald takes the starring role (as the human, not the cat)

It’s a fun film that pretty accurately communicates what the team at Splitverse can do. It’s notoriously difficult to market VR experiences on flat screens as the experience is entirely different to actually being inside of a headset, but by putting a player in the middle of a game world, Splitverse is able to communicate at least some idea of what VR is really like.

What did you make of this Splitverse short film? Let us know in the comments below! You can see more of the company’s work on its YouTube page.