Brilliant Furniture Design Ideas Any Cat Owner Would Love


  • 1

    Cat House Planter

    Via: Pousee Creative

    Designed by: Pousee Creative

  • 2

    Radiator cat bed

    Via: Amazon

  • 3

    Disguised Cat House Side Table

    Via: The9life on etsy

    Designed by: The9life

  • 4

    Cat Teepee House

    Via: Native American

    Designed by: Native American

  • 5

    Pet Egg pod

    Via: Pei Pod

    Designed by: Pei Pod

  • 6

    Cat and person rocking chair

    Via: Paul Kweton

    Designed by: Paul Kweton

  • 7

    Cat Tunnel Sofa

    Via: Seungji Mun

    Designed by: Seungji Mun

  • 8

    Cat Crib Hammock

    Via: Cat Crib

  • 9

    Mini Bedroom For Cats

    Via: Lisbonite

    Designed by: Lisbonite

  • 10

    All in one cat bathroom

    Via: Pardini Hall

    Designed by: Pardini Hall

  • 11

    Indiana Jones cat bridge

    Via: CatastrophiCreations on etsy

    Designed by: CatastrophiCreations

  • 12

    CATable – A Play Table For Cats While Humans Work

    Via: LYCS

  • 13

    Cat Cabinet

    Via: Modernist cat on esty

    Designed by: Modernist Cat

  • 14

    Coffee Table Hammock

    Via: E&Y

    Designed by: E&Y

  • 15

    Grass Table for cats

    Via: Emily Wettstein

    Designed by: Emily Wettstein

  • 16

    Cat Burger Bed

    Via: Petz Route

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