Community Spotlight: Your Most Memorable VR Moments

Community Spotlight: Your Most Memorable VR Moments

Welcome to Community Spotlight! Similar to Community Download, which usually runs on Mondays, this column is all about highlighting insight from our large and diverse community of readers, specifically on that week’s Community Download topic. Typically it runs on Fridays. For each entry in this column we’ll round up the best Disqus comments from this week or moments on our Twitch streams to share with you all! We may expand this to include other community contributions in the future.

This week’s Community Download was about what your favorite and most memorable moments have been in VR thus far. Whether it be the very first time you tried VR, the experience that convinced you of the power the medium has, or just some random occurrence that stuck with you — we wanted to know about it!

We had a ton of great answers and we rounded up some of our favorites. Some are silly and some are insightful but they’re all great moments that sound extra memorable.


THE BLU, the encounter with the whale I didn’t see coming and the all of the jellyfish turning on lighting up the depths of the ocean bit by bit. After first it super dark, like spooky dark and then there is one little light, just one and then another and another… spectacular.

Playing RAW data for the first time. Seeing my hands, grabbing stuff and being terrified, dipping and doing robots at room scale.

London Heist was good too, realizing I could stick my head out the window and shoot backwards was one of those surreal VR moments.

I’ve done a couple large warehouse scale VR experience too, with strangers. Haptic vests, big guns in hand running around with strangers is a total trip.

Even if you’ve had VR for a while and have not tried The BLU its one the very best bubble experiences you can have.

Fred Johnson:

Playing Star Trek VR with some kid who foolishly left his speakers on with his little brother in the same room, and shouting, “Hey kid, punch your brother in the d***!”, and watching Spock’s arms flail frantically as the unseen assailant cracks a jar of Aunt Edna’s Nutterbutter. I haven’t laughed so hard.

Climbing to the top of Rec Room Battle Royale radio tower, dropping a grenade next to a guy opening a chest, and whispering “Hold this”, as I jumped off the tower. Then hearing the screams of the guy freaking out as the grenade went off. KABOOM!

Also.. making people laugh in Rec Room so hard that you see their Avatar fall to the ground and cry out between the chuckles, “I can’t breath!”

Daniel Gochez:

The time I was teaching a noob in Onward how to handle granades and he dropped one on the floor, I panicked and took off running in real life till I smashed against a wall, the impact was cushioned by the vive headset and I stood there confused for a second, I fett so embarased even tho nobody saw me because I was a veteran in VR at that point and should have known better.


– Meeting Quill in Moss.
– Meeting Astro Bot (in Astro Bot).
– The first time you play Beat Saber and feel like a Jedi.
– The first time you play Super Hot and feel like you are in the Matrix.
– The first time you load up WipeOut in VR and realize that this is how it was meant to be played.
– Your first “nope” in RE7, and then noping countless more times until you power through the entire game.


Farpoint with the AIM had a lot of great moments, but the first boss fight with the big spider was barely believable the first time around.
More recently I was properly wowed with a low level dogfight in Ace Combat 7. Flying past exploding debris while practically inverted at not much more than tree top height was an eye opener

As we continue to incorporate more community-focused ideas into our content, this column will expand as well. What other sorts of things would you want to see highlighted? Good gameplay clips, streams, user-created content in VR games, or something else?

Let us know down in the comments below!

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