Different Approach to Animal Shelter Pays Off Big in Germany

Have you walked into an animal shelter lately? If so how was it? How did the animals look and maybe what could they be feeling? Animals in shelters are usually locked in a cage and although they have space to move, they are still stuck in one place. You can only imagine what that can do to a person let alone an adorable animal. 

So why not take a different approach, like Germany did? Tierheim (Animal House)is an all green, private, animal shelter in Germany. They take a different approach to typical shelters and it is seriously paying off. They handle over 10,000 animals 9yes, that is correct) annually and “the adoption rate goes far beyond 90%!!”

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    Berlin Tierheim, the largest animal shelter in Europe

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    “Tierheim is well staffed with two or three times the number of volunteers as permanent staff looking after the animals, and there are a number of permanent veterinarians and nurses at each shelter.” 

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    Here you have the Cat House

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    The cat house creates an amazing environment for cats to socialize and play together, while in a bright room filled with windows for sunshine and air. Up to 3 cats in each room allows them enough space to play with their toys, climb on their towers and even take naps. On each door each room are introductory cards that will have the name, picture, date of birth, medical history, and reason for sheltering. Seems normal right? Well how about the reason for sheltering? Never seen one of those! “How much more willing would people be to adopt animals after seeing them in a clean environment and reading their stories?”

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    The Special System of Benefactors of The Tierheim

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    Tierheim has an incredible special system of benefactors that are paired up with dogs or cats, supporting their care directly with monthly donations. Amazing? Well, it gets better… Sometimes if a family is in need of financial support, they will continue to help out!

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    Pleasant Spaces for the Dogs

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    “Tierheim facilities stand out in providing healthy pleasant spaces for the animals they house. The dog kennels are individual rooms and the dogs are able to move freely about in and out of their rooms and have a stroll outside.”

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    Thinking about adopting?

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    Adoption is not that long of a process around the world. But sometimes it should be! Tierheim’s process for adoption isn’t as simple as just wanting to come in and adopt a pet. Many come to adopt but not all of them can; those who want to adopt must got through many questions about (and meet specific criteria for) family composition, housing, and working hours… these are only some stringent qualifications…

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    We Need More Of These

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    The way animal shelters care for animals will make all the difference in their quest to find loving homes. The more social and happy an animal the more willing a person will take them for adoption. This is a great steer into amazing animal care! 

    more info: tierschutz-berlin