GDC 2019: Angry Birds Officially Coming To PSVR And iOS ARKit Very Soon

GDC 2019: Angry Birds Officially Coming To PSVR And iOS ARKit Very Soon

Today, Rovio and Resolution Gamse are officially announcing two brand new versions of Angry Birds for both AR and VR devices. Currently, you can play Angry Birds on Magic Leap One, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, and now the immersive adaptation of one of the most beloved mobile gaming properties of all-time is coming to three more platforms: Windows VR, PSVR, and iOS devices with ARKit support.

The release is split into three parts: starting today, the Steam version of Angry Birds will automatically get Windows VR headset support, as well as 13 brand new levels coming very soon in a matter of days with a new island and new boss fight as well for all PC-based versions. This is the exact same version we wrote about previously when trying it on Rift.

Then next week on March 26th is when the PSVR version of the game will be available and should include all of the same content as the PC VR-based version of the game. It’ll probably cost the same as well at $14.99.

Finally, sometime later this Spring, Angry Birds will also make its debut on mobile iOS devices with ARKit support, expanding its AR footprint from just the Magic Leap One. Specifically, that’s iPhone 6 and later and all iPad Pro models, as well as iPad 5th and 6th generation devices. There will be at least 40 levels in this version at launch plus the ability to walk entirely around each level with full 360-degree views. You can pre-order the iOS version of Angry Birds AR starting today right now on the App Store.

Finally, we got some very loose details about another new Resolution Games release, but this one is not in partnership with Rovio at all. Instead, this is a brand new Magic Leap One game built as part of the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program. According to a press release from Resolution Games, the game is:

“…built from the ground up for head-mounted AR and will be themed around a mystery that players must solve. Players will unlock riddles that require engaging with characters and the environment where the mystery takes shape, which happens to be a diorama. The mystery unravels right before players’ eyes with twists and turns that animate in only ways possible in AR.”

Hopefully we should find out very more soon about this new AR game. In the meantime, let us know what you think of all this news down in the comments below!

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