Here’s How Dead And Buried 2 Looks On Rift S And Quest

Here’s How Dead And Buried 2 Looks On Rift S And Quest

Looking to see how Oculus Quest games stack up to Rift S? These assets for Oculus’ Dead and Buried 2 should give you some idea.

We’ve uploaded a bunch of videos of the upcoming VR shooter, which is appearing on both platforms. Oculus provided them to us at GDC this week. Sadly we don’t have screenshots for a direct comparison; we were only provided with Quest images on that front. So we decided to put a bunch of the clips together so that people could see what the game looks like for themselves.

Okay and we’ll throw in some GIFs too just for good measure. Here it is again on Quest.

And here it is one last time on Rift.

How do you think they stack up? Personally speaking it looks like the Quest version holds its own pretty well. We’ll have to wait until both headsets our in our hands to give it a really accurate rundown, though.

Then again, this is an internally-developed Oculus project with the full might of Facebook on its side. It remains to be seen if other developers will have a similar level of success getting their Rift games to run on the platform.

We’re expecting Dead and Buried 2 to launch alongside both Rift S and Quest this spring. It’s also thought that this will be one of the cross-platform titles to support both cross-buy and cross-play. The former means that anyone that buys one version gets the other, while the latter means you can play together regardless of platform. Neat!

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