Heres How To Make A Tiny Stuffed Animal For Your Cat In Few Minutes

The weekend is always a great time to enjoy some crafts. 

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    Via: This way come

    1. Felt
    2. Scissors
    3. A pen
    4. Embroidery thread
    5. A needle with an eye big enough for embroidery thread
    6. Stuffing or filling (you can buy this at any craft store)

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    Draw the outline of your animal on a piece of felt

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    I chose a teddy bear shape, but you can make a whale or a lizard or Justin Timberlake. It’s up to you. You’ll need two sheets of felt, as you can see in the photo. You’re gonna be stitching them together. Don’t be afraid.

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    Stitch most of the animal. Just follow along the line

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    Add some cute Lil’ eyeballs

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    Super easy. Just some felt circles attached with a hemming stitch. Make sure the thread only goes through the top layer of felt. If this is too daunting for you, feel free to just draw on eyes with a Sharpie like some kind of monster.

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    Stitch a little mouth

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    Continue the outline stitch from before, stopping when you have about an inch left.

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    Now shove stuffing in that little guy. Just cram it in there.

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    Use little bits of stuffing at a time. Use your finger to guide stuffing into different parts of the animal. You can also use a chopstick or whatever.

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    Fill the animal as much as you can, and then continue the outline stitch.

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    Add a little bit more stuffing if you need to before closing the stitch.

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    You are done

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    Give it to your cat. He would love it

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