Hilarious Photo Of Mike Pence Ignoring NASA’s Warning Sign Gets Brilliant Internet Response

Mike Pence doesnt accept evolution. Mike Pence doesnt eat alone with women. And Mike Pence doesnt give a damn what your sign says.

In what is probably our favorite photo of anything ever, VP Pence was snapped at NASAs Kennedy Space Center touching a piece of hardware that he wasnt supposed to be touching.

Pence, standing in front of a piece of Critical Space Flight Hardware that quite clearly stated Do Not Touch, stretched out his left hand and, yes, touched it. The gloriously weird moment was captured by photographer Red Huber.

We dont yet know what this part of hardware is. And, truth be told, we also dont know if someone said he was allowed to do it. Weve asked NASA to clarify both points. However, this image is really just a great, great metaphor for everything. And the Internet went wild with it.

Pence was visiting NASA as head of the newly resurrected National Space Council, which will kind of like support NASA or something its not super clear. Its also not 100 percent clear why Pence needed to visit KSC in the first place, aside from break a few rules, but he did give a wishy-washy speech about the future of NASA.

Our nation will return to the moon, and we will put American boots on the face of Mars, he said, without giving any actual policy on how theyd do this. Were also still waiting for the Trump administration to announce who will run NASA as Administrator, a position vacated by Charlie Bolden backin January.

Pence made his speech surrounded by various hardware being developed by NASA and private companies to explore space. This includes the Space Launch System (SLS) rocketand the Orion spacecraft.

The American spirit is as limitless as space itself, Pence said in his Trump-rivalling word salad.

And so we will bring that spirit fully to bear on the trials that lie ahead. If we can dream it, we can do it.And under President Trump, we will achieve more in space than we ever thought possible. No, we have no idea what hes talking about either.

In the Bolden days, NASAs overall goal was the often lambasted Journey to Mars, aiming to get humans there by the 2030s. We dont yet know what Trumps plan will be, but itd be good to find out soon, eh? In the meantime, remember to read signs.

Just to prove it’s not photoshopped, you can see the sign in the background of this image. NASA

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