HTC To Reveal Vive Cosmos Info Next Week, Image Reveals Headphones

HTC Vive Cosmos New

Just yesterday we reported that HTC’s next consumer VR headset, the Vive Cosmos, will launch in Q3 2019. Today, the company has confirmed that it will reveal more release info… next week.

A tweet just sent out from the HTC Vive account says that the story of Cosmos and details on its availability and release date will be revealed next week. There’s a new picture, too that suggests the kit may have undergone a bit of a redesign. For starters it now seems to sport mounted headphones and there’s a new pattern seen in the device’s corners.

From the teasers HTC has been dropping since Cosmos’ reveal in January, this will be a modular headset. We know that the kit can run on PCs and features inside-out tracking, but HTC also suggested it might be able to run off of a phone. Not only that but users may also be able to swap out other key features. Perhaps those headphones are one such addition?

Either way, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on this. HTC just releases the enterprised-focused Vive Pro Eye, but it’s been pretty quiet in the consumer space as the Oculus Rift S and Valve Index have started rolling out. Will Cosmos see the company fight its way back to the front pages? We might find out next week.

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