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Animals That Have Fought A Bee… And The Bee Won

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    While Flying With A Bee…

    Via: 9GAG

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    Still Has A Smile On His Face

    Via: The Meta Picture

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    He Wondered If Any Honey Was Available… Answer Is No

    Via: The Meta Picture

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    This Pup Is Not Amused

    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Cat Eats A Bee… Opps

    Via: pinterest

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    Poor Little Puppy!!

    Via: Izismile

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    Not Even Dissapointed

    Via: Tastefully Offensive

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    Still Smiling!

    Via: Izismile

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    Via: 9GAG

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    He Thinks He Won The Fight

    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Well… Someones Not A Happy Puppy

    Via: Izismile

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    Via: The Meta Picture

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Virtual Reality Remote Controlled Robot Avatar Brushes Cat

After much sweat and toil,  has finally unveiled his complete project. Using a Microsoft Kinect, a Nintendo Wii, a treadmill, and computers, he created a quasi virtual reality remote control robot avatar. To test his project, he successfully brushes a kitty in another room with only virtual reality control.  


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/01/04/virtual-reality-remote-controlled-robot-avatar-brushes-cat/

Brazilian Family Shares Home With Pet Tigers

Brazilian Family Shares Home With Pet Tigers

This incredible news report by Barcroft TV has gone viral, quickly amassing over 100,000 views.

The Brazilian Borges family wasn’t satisfied with a conventional dog or cat, so they super-sized their pet order to not one tiger, but pack of seven. After rescuing two tigers from the circus, Aryas started breeding the big cats, and even lets his daughter play with them. 


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/09/27/brazilian-family-shares-home-with-pet-tigers/

Dog Shoves Cat’s Face In Snow

Oh man, who can’t feel the joy of the dog – or the discomfort of the cat?! Lindsay Roy-Bernatchez witnessed her cat Katniss getting dunked by a German sheppard. Apart from a moment of pure laughter she got over 200.000 views on this video.

“Mon chat et mon chien”

via: tastefullyoffensive

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Kittens After Anesthesia

The Internet is covered in humorous ‘after anesthesia’ videos, but it’s always some teenager after getting their wisdom teeth removed. What about pets? They get surgery too sometimes. 

Naturally, the Internet’s request has been answered. Here are ‘Cats After Anesthesia,’ a video that was published in June, but has started to trend again over the course of the weekend. 


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Cats Are Jerks Compilation

Cats are of course cute and cuddly, but online they have  a much darker side, and are somewhat known for being trolls. And that  has not gone unnoticed by Funny Animals Vids.

They made this hilarious compilation of cats being “total jerks for no apparent reason” other than that they are cats. The video from last week now stands with over 1.9 million views. The video is also covered on HuffPost, BestOfYouTube, and Devour


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Mean Cat Won’t Let Dog Down The Stairs

Mean Cat Won’t Let Dog Down The Stairs

Cats are supposed to be afraid of dogs, right? Well, that is obviously not always the case as is evident in this cute viral video. Bo-Sox the golden retriever is simply terrified of Chevy the cat who obstructs his path down the stairs. Only with plenty of outside help does Bo ever make it downstairs. This cute pet clip by Kj Pelletier has gone viral with over 1.3 million views!


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Cat Answers The Phone

Who else hates a constantly ringing phone? Fred the cat really hates the phone, and after a few too many rings, just knocks the phone off the hook. Fred’s owners became suspicious when people would called, someone would answer without talking. Turns out it was Fred. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, HuffingtonPost, and DailyPicksAndFlicks


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