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Woman Approaches And Pets Wild Cheetahs

Marlice Van Der Merwe walks right up to a pack of cheetahs in the African wild. They hiss and growl, but she doesn’t turn away. She continues closer and the cats seem a nervous. As long as you act calm and keep eye contact, they won’t attack. At least you hope. By the end, she’s petting the cats. Wow.


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Seal Pups Adorably Climb Onto Floating Surfboard

Waterproof camera specialist and nature enthusiast Ethan Janson mounted his GoPro camera on an old windsurf board, and let it float in the waters at Puget Sound, Washington.

When  he retrieved his camera, he discovered adorable footage of newly weaned harbor seal pups trying their best to climb onto the slippery, wet surfboard. 

Now, the video from last weekend is going viral, and is featured on TheWeatherChannel, LaughingSquid, DailyPicksAndFlicks, and MostWatchedDaily.  


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Why You Can’t Outrun A Cheetah

The cheetah has long been known as the world’s fastest land animal, but few understand just how incredible the cat must be to hold such an impressive title.

The average cheetah can accelerate to 75 MPH in just three seconds, the time it takes for just three strides. Every part of the cheetah is built for speed, from its light weight body to its flat head.

The big cat runs so fast, its legs spend more time in the air than on the ground.

Now, this video by Smithsonian Channel from last October is going viral only now since the weekend. 


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Baby Sea Lion Jumps Aboard Boat, Snuggles With Man

Now that digital cameras have become as ubiquitous as eye glasses, more and more special, magical moments are ending up online for thousands to see.

An online favorite is rare human-animal interactions in the wild. 

In March, the web awwed over this adorable GoPro video a surfer took when a baby seal boarded his craft. That video now stands with nearly two million views.

Now, J.R. Gilkinson‘s video, appropriately titled My Life Changing Experience with a Baby Sea Lion, of a baby seal stowaway on his boat has gone viral. 

Apparently, seals are just like dogs and like to cuddle.


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Tiger Jumping To Catch Meat In Slow Motion Is Glorious

Tiger Jumping To Catch Meat In Slow Motion Is Glorious

Everyone online knows that cats are extremely agile, lithe, and athletic. That’s just one reason why they are such captivating creatures. Maxime Dehaye was at the tiger exhibit at the zoo when it was feeding time. He was lucky enough to capture the exact moment when one of the tigers jumped nearly as high as the fence to catch a giant hunk of meat. Dinner time! 


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Man Saves Cat From Boa Contrictor

This disturbing video by Andres Gonzalez has gone viral. While in the jungle, a group of hikers discovered a cat in the death grip of a boa constrictor. The cries of the cat are truly distressing. 

Thankfully for kitty, one of the men was brave enough to somehow tear the powerful snake off of the feline. That snake can not be in a good mood after losing its lunch.

Now, the week old video stands with over half a million views, and is featured on DailyMail, DailyOfTheDay, HuffPost, and 22Words


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Lazy Cat Just Sits As Bird Steal Its Food

I can’t believe it, but the real Garfield has been found. Here, the real life lazy Garfield cat just sits on a chair and watches as a seagull walks in the house. The bird cautious looks at the cat, and slowly decides to go for the food bowl. It takes a couple bites and then things really get funny. The video is featured on TastefullyO.


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Stunning Time-Lapse Provides the Mental Break You Need

Your mind is about to go for a trip — as in a vacation, not a drug-triggered tripping session.

Push play to take off on a mental vacay to some of Earth’s most beautiful places. Filmmaker and photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee snapped beautiful scenery shots and stitched the footage together to create a time-lapse video that will transport you.

As Lee advises in the video’s description, flip to full screen and turn the volume up for a truly epic effect.