This Woman Just Took Cookies And Milk To The Most Epic Level Possible. The Result Is Drool-Inducing.

Milk and cookies are a staple of most people’s childhood in the United States. Think back to your mom, family members or friends… leaning over a warm oven with a freshly baked tray of cookies. That can give anyone a case of the warm fuzzies. So, one woman decided to take this classic favorite and put a new twist on it. Instead of just having milk and cookies (and dunking the cookies in milk like a peasant), she was going to put the milk IN the cookies. Bask in the glory that is Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups.

First, get your chocolate chip cookie dough of choice ready.

Make sure the chips are very, very small. Big chocolate chunks may break the cups.

She used a mini popover pan lined with parchment paper.

For the inside of the cups, she rolled corks up in aluminum foil.

Then, cut them into pieces.

Once the foil was secured, the small cork would make the mold for the inside of a tiny glass.

As an experiment, she also tried a rolled up paper towel tube as the mold for the center.

It was oven-safe.

Just trim it to the proper height…

Then roll it up and tape it with masking tape.

Next: roll out your dough!

Use plenty of flour and a rolling pin to get the dough nice and smooth.

Cut out the bottom part of the cookie cup using a shot glass or other small glass.

Perfect fit.

She also used a pizza cutter to get super straight lines.

Now, use a small glass to roll up the dough…

Or you can use the foil cork center.

Putting the parchment paper on the cup is easier before putting it in the pan.

Make sure to smash the dough pieces together a bit when you put them in the pan.

Then, bake! (375F for 10-14 minutes.)

The foil seemed to be more effective than the cardboard.

Be careful not to burn yourself as you pull the centers out while the cookie is still warm.

Mmmm. glasses.

If you like, you can line the inside of the cups with icing.

The icing acts as a sealant.

So coat in the inside, let it dry…

Then take these bad boys for a test drive.

Source: Instructables It might take some trial and error, but it’s totally worth the time. You’ll never think about milk and cookies the same way again after you bake and eat this masterpiece. Share the goodness with others by clicking below.

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