U.S. Air Force Blast The Record Speed For A Magnetically Levitated Vehicle

The United States Air Force has smashed the world speed record for a vehicle traveling by magnetic levitation. Last month at the Holloman Air Force Base in the outbacks of New Mexico, their rocket-propelled Maglev sled levitated down a magnetic track at a speed of 633 miles per hour.

At its peak, the sled accelerated at 282 meters (928 feet) every second down the 6,400-meter (21,000-foot) track. The sled is able to levitate through superconducting magnets cooled with liquid helium.

Holloman AFB/YouTube

In fact, the same team managed to break the record twice in the same week. The original record was 510mph. On March 2, 2016, they managed to narrowly top that by making 513mph. Just two days later, they managed to reach 633mph. Check out the recently released video of the Maglev train in action below.

Lt. Col. Shawn Morgenstern expects that this record will once again be broken over the coming years, as this is just the start of a developmental project. Although, as cool as it is, next time they really need to strap on a GoPro.

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