Watch Dubai’s New Squad Of Aquatic Jetpack Firefighters

Once only the domain of viral videos, Dubai has come up with a novel use forAquatic Jetpacks to help battle their citys blazing fires.

The Dubai Civil Defence have announced plans for firefighters to use the jetpacks to reach high up on an inner-city bridge and douse carswith a high-pressure water hose straight from the waters below. The idea of Dubais firefighters usingactual jetpacks to reachtheir high-riseskyscrapers has been stirring around the rumor mill for some time, but now theyve released a video demonstrating the water-based Dolphin firefighting system.

You can watch a recently released video of the team in action, accompanied by some oddly epic music, below.

Rapid urbanization in the arid landscape of Dubai has led to a spate of skyscraper fires in recent years. This newannouncementwas unveiled along with a string of other safety regulations for constructionto help address the issue. One of these was the (very vague) plan to use nanotechnology to combat fires.

So far, its just in its demo stage. However, this is just the beginning of high-tech projects in Dubai.Hyperloop One announcedin November its first track might be built in Dubai in as little as five years’ time. When it comes to their high-tech visions of the near future, it seems that Dubai does very few things in half-measures.

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