Why Cats Are Better Than Us (18 pictures)

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    They Make Friends…With Anyone

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    They Are Very Easily Entertained

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    They Are Problem Solvers

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    Too Bright? Don’t Worry They Will Turn It Off… Forever

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    They Look Better In Suits

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    They Know Of To Relax

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    They Are Adorable When Mad

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    They Can Act Like Us

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    Those Whiskers, Those Purrrrs, THOSE EYES!

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    The Best At Hide And Seek

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  • 10

    They Let You Know When They Are Unhappy And Don’t Keep Their Emotions To Themselves

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  • 11

    And In Costumes

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    They Don’t Let You Get Away With Anything

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  • 14

    Professional Balancers

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  • 15

    But Seriously…

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  • 16

    They Also Don’t Care To Show Some PDA!

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  • 17

    Too Cute!!!!!

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