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Nyan Cat VS Grumpy Cat Animeme Rap Battle

Animeme and Official Comedy published the hilarious Forever Alone VS Overly Attached Girlfriend Rap Battle at the start of the month, quickly garnering over 300,000 views

But the same day, they also published a second rap battle, pinning the meme-popular Nyan Cat up against the overly-blue Grumpy Cat. 

The latest feline-meme rap battle is trending more than ever, and now stands with over 750,000 hits


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Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

There are countless cat videos online from our perspective, but what about a human video from a cat’s perspective?

Thankfully, eccentric online personality Ze Frank of BuzzFeed Video teamed up with Purina to offer this enlightening Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human.


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Cat Plays With Piece Of Paper

Cat Plays With Piece Of Paper

Everyone knows the Internet loves cats, but how serious is this obsession? If this recent viral video is any evidence, the answer is very obsessed. This silly clip by Lorie Geee has gone viral with over 900,000 views! Does the video showcase some amazing animal trick? Nope, it’s just a cat playing with a piece of paper. And the Web is loving it! 


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Who Loves You More, Your Cat Or Your Dog?

News outlets are currently littered with headlines spouting that its finally been proven: dogs officially love you more than cats. This is based on unpublished research conducted by neuroeconomist Dr. Paul Zak as part of a new series on BBC2, titled Cats v Dogs, which found that dogs produce more of the love hormone oxytocin after playing with owners compared with their feline counterparts.

The experiment involved 20 human-pet pairs: 10 dogs and 10 cats alongside their owners. Since the brain chemical oxytocin has been strongly implicated in bonding, and cats are generally more independent than dogs, Zak wanted to find out whether its levels differed in these animals after interactions with humans.

Zak therefore took saliva samples from all of the companions, both shortly before and after a playful stint with their owners, and measured oxytocin levels. While studies have already shown that both dogs and their owners release oxytocin while gazing into one anothers eyes, likely facilitating the formation of and strengthening close relationships, fewer studies have looked at cats.

On average, dogs were found to produce almost five times as much oxytocin than cats after frolicking with their human companions, with saliva levels rising by 57.2 percent and 12 percent from initial levels, respectively. In addition, only half of the cats actually demonstrated raised levels of oxytocin. While this doesnt mean that dogs love us five times more than cats do, it does at least seem to make sense.

In general, cats are more solitary than dogs wolves, from which dogs originate, are highly social animals that live and hunt in packs, whereas many cats go it alone. Oxytocin has been shown to facilitate social bonding in dogs, alongside others, and can boost dog bonding behavior towards humans and other dogs when administered externally. On the other hand, studies have suggested that cats dont form secure attachments with their owners, while dogs depend on humans for safety.

However, there are obvious limitations with both the study and the conclusions. Namely, as Zak pointed out to the Huffington Post, the studies were conducted in a lab environment. Cats are known for being highly territorial and home-loving animals, so its possible that they were stressed out and thus not really up for a head scratch. Although, oxytocin has also been linked to stress regulation, at least in rodents, reducing physiological indicators of stress during unpleasant situations.

While this might be a sweet study that we neednt take too seriously, it does raise an ongoing frustration in the field of science: over-simplification. Oxytocin has many nicknames the cuddle chemical, happy hormone, love molecule, and yet these dont nearly reflect the complexity of this substance. Its suggested to be involved in an abundance of behaviors and physiological processes, from trust to lactation, so to reduce it down to one love isnt overly scientific.

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Think You’re A Foodie? You Ain’t Got Nothing On This Cat

Get your five favorite foods on the table and you’re good for a while, right? This cat just can’t get enough. It doesn’t know how to choose between its favorite snacks, and that’s okay. Why should you choose anyway? You can just have them all!

Via: ViralViralVidoes.com

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