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Cat Fights Off Alligator Over Chicken Meat

A bunch of tourist enjoying themselves on the Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in LaPlace, Louisiana happened upon a battle of the centuries. An alligator and an ordinary house-cat had a face off over a very yummy chicken dinner. One might be surprised by the ending. The video from 2010 just had a viral surge, and is featured on DailyMailBlameItOnTheVoices, NBCSportsArbroath, and TastefullyOffensive


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Cat Sits On The Couch Like Human Watching Heavy Metal Concert

Cat Sits On The Couch Like Human Watching Heavy Metal Concert

This ridiculous cat video from 2011 has been trending again this weekend. YouTuber InZane4all has a very special cat named Buddy. Buddy doesn’t only sit on the couch like a human, but he’s a fan of heavy metal. Just watch as Buddy watches a Slayer concert on TV and seems to really enjoy the rocking performance of Seasons in the Abyss.  


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Cat Loves To Drink Water From Spray Bottle

Cat Loves To Drink Water From Spray Bottle

Joey the cat is one weird kitty. Hilary D claims he is perfectly normal and healthy, he just loves to drink water from a spray bottle. Even if he’s completely asleep, he will instantly wake up just from the sound of the bottle being shaken. This cute pet video has gone viral over the weekend with over a quarter million views


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If HBO’S “Girls” Were “Cats” Parody

If HBO’S “Girls” Were “Cats” Parody

The Pet Collective is at it again. 

The animals loving channel which is so well known for their silly pet-themed parodies of popular TV shows and movies has returned with another original spoof. 

This time, they imagine what HBO’s hit award winning comedy Girls would be if it featured cats instead of… girls. 


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Neurological Disorder Made A Man Believe His Cat Was An Evil Impostor

Capgras syndrome is down one of the stranger avenues of neurological conditions. Its characterized by delusional beliefsthat a person often a family member, loved one, spouseor friend has been replaced by an imposter doppelgnger.

As if that couldn’t get morepeculiar,Harvard neurologists have recently published a paper in the journal Neurocase abouta man suffering from what they have coined Cat-gras Delusions. In the paper, they detail the first known case of a person whose Capgras delusions were centered on their pet cat.

Among his medical records, they found that the 71-year-old man had a history of heavy drinking, sports-related head injuries, and bipolar disorder. Six years previous to the unusualthoughts occurring, he had stopped taking his psychiatric medications and consequentlybegan suffering from delusions that the FBI was monitoring him. His thoughts then moved to his cat, believing it hadbeen replaced by an identical masqueraderwho was also involved in theconspiracyagainst him.

The study explained that he knew that the current cat resembled his pet cat physically, but that the personality or psychic core of his cat had been replaced.

Image credit:Sasha Nazim/Shutterstock
The neurologists explained that these delusional beliefs are caused by a glitch when retrieving autobiographical memory, a collection of our past experiences. Normally, when we perceive an external stimulus, our brain has to retrieve information from our internal catalogof autobiographical memories. This process allows us to associate new stimuliwith past experiences. However, in the case of Capgras delusions, the patients perception of an external object doesnt trigger the appropriate retrieval of autobiographical memory.

This can lead to them associating the external stimulus with the practical attributes, such as its appearance, but not an association with their emotional memory,leading to this lack of familiarity with aphysically recognizable object.

From information gathered throughbrain scans, the neurologists believe the erroneous thoughtpattern was linked to deterioration ofhis cerebral cortex, the region concerned with higher cognitive skills, in a process similar to dementia. This was no doubt aggravatedbythe numeroushead traumas he received whileplaying ice hockey.

Much like this case, Capgras syndromeis strongly linked to other neurological diseases and mental health issues. Its believed that 81 percent of Capgras sufferers have some form of neurodegenerative disease, most commonly Lewy body disease.

Why exactly this mans delusions were centered on his cat and not, say, his wife remains a mystery. However, while this is the first case of Cat-gras Delusions, there have been two reported cases of Capgras delusions towardsa pet dog and two cases towardspet birds.

Main image credit:Gwydion M. Williams/Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

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The Pack Of Five Dogs, A Cat, And A Duck

This adorable pet video was published online by Erica Griffith over a year ago, but it has just gone viral, going from zero to over 200,000 views just today. 

Erica is a true animal lover, and as a result, has a very unique and diverse pack of pets. She shows them off by calling her five well behaved dogs into the room one at a time and then–the surprise–George, a one year old duck, and Twiggy the kitty.

Now, the clip is appearing across the web, including popular sites, such as CuteOverLoadTastefullyOffensive, and CollegeHumor


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GoPro And Kevin Richardson Visit Lions In South Africa

GoPro And Kevin Richardson Visit Lions In South Africa

Kevin Richardson, known online as the lion whisperer, journeyed with the GoPro production crew to South Africa to get up close and personal with wild lions and to highlight how the king of the jungle is quickly becoming endangered. 

While the crew stayed safe in the car, Kevin reunited with his pride of lions who are like a family to him. Of course, while wearing his GoPro to capture the stunning footage. 

He also hung out with a pack of hyenas. 


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