Meta to Launch Crypto, NFT Platforms, Docs Reveal

Meta Platforms Inc has reportedly aimed to launch a cryptocurrency payment platform, according to trademarks filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), media reported on Wednesday. Trademark Lawyer Josh Gerben revealed the five 13 May filings on social media, where Meta Platforms hopesto develop Meta Pay, an “online social networking service for […]

Vuzix to Develop Full-Colour microLED Displays

On Wednesday, Vuzix, a global manufacturer of enterprise augmented reality (AR) smart glasses, revealed it had signed numerous agreements with extended reality (XR) components firm Atomistic SAS. The deal will secure Vuzix with “next-generation” micro light-emitting diode (microLED) lens display technologies for its upcoming immersive devices. Atomistic designed its lenses as the world’s first microLED […]

Industrial Metaverse to Tackle Labour Crisis, Experts Say

On Wednesday, RealWear hosted its “Welcome to the Industrial Metaverse” roundtable discussion on LinkedIn, where extended reality (XR) industry leaders gathered to discuss the future of Industry 4.0. Chris Preimesberger, Editor of Emeritus and eWEEK, led the keynote with industry representatives Indranil Sircar, CTO of Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft, Andrew Chrostowski, CEO and Chairman of […]

Pico Interactive to Open Neo3 Link Sales on 24 May

Pico Interactive announced this week that it plans to open sales of its latest headset, the Pico Neo3 Link, on 24 May, with the company and numerous resellers currently taking pre-orders. The Chinese firm’s latest headset, which debuted at the Laval Virtual Europe 2022 in Mayenne, France, features both PC-VR as well as standalone, all-in-one […]

How Anyone Can Confidently Show Up on Video

Have you been avoiding making videos for your business? Wondering how to feel more comfortable in front of a camera? To discover how to record videos more confidently so you can improve your engagement and sales, I interview Pelpina Trip.

Guest: Pelpina Trip | Show Notes:

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YouTube Rolls Out Activity Graph to All Videos, Ups the Maximum Price of Channel Memberships

The new options will make it easier to find specific segments in video clips – but could they also reduce watch time?

Instagram’s Testing a New Stories UI Which Could Have Big Implications for Your Content Strategy

The test limits the amount of Stories frames that a user can see without manually tapping for more.

Twitter Launches New Promotional Campaign for Spaces and Live Audio Chats

Will Spaces become a key element of the tweet experience?

Meta Shares New Insights into the Coming Metaverse Shift, and What Exactly Needs to Happen to Facilitate it

What will the metaverse shift actually mean for business, and how will it evolve? New insights from Meta.

Will Project Cambria Be A Game Changer For VR Gamers? VR Gamescast