Facebook Tests New ‘Community Awards’ to Encourage Engagement in Groups

Facebook's looking to encourage more positive group interactions, while also modeling ideal engagement behavior.

LinkedIn Shares New Research into Effective, and Ineffective, Thought Leadership Approaches

The new LinkedIn/Edelman B2B Thought Leadership report highlights some key areas of focus for content marketers.

TikTok Shares New Holiday Marketing Guide to Assist with Strategic Planning [Infographic]

The overview provides a range of key usage stats and planning tips for your holiday campaigns.

Snapchat Launches New Lenses to Teach Users Sign Language as Part of International Week of the Deaf

The new Lenses aim to help maximize inclusion, while also raising awareness of sign language as a communication tool.

Zuckerberg On Oculus Rift 3: ‘Maybe One Day’

Oculus Rift 3? "Maybe one day," says Mark Zuckerberg, but the company is all-in on Quest for now.

Unplugged Hands-On: Weezer, Ozzy Osbourne & More Tested!

Hands-On: Unplugged Works Better Than It Has Any Right To On Oculus Quest

We've played Unplugged... and it works! First hands-on and details right here!

Ozzy Osbourne, Weezer and Steel Panther’s Satchel Join Unplugged

Ozzy Osbourne and Weezer are joining Unplugged! And the game's mentor? None other than Steel Panther's Satchel.

Some fluff on the metaverse

I love the metaverse, I hate the metaverse. I love the idea about our future, more interconnected than ever, and

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New Social VR Platform Debuts With an Immersive Muse Concert You Can Watch with Friends

Stageverse is a new social VR platform debuting this week with a two-hour immersive capture of the Muse: Simulation Theory concert. The platform allows multiple viewers to experience the concert together through 360° 3D footage captured from multiple angles around the venue. In addition to Oculus Quest, Stageverse also supports iOS and Android devices. Founded […]

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