How XR Can Address The Skilled Workforce Gap

Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO of The Immerse Group and President of the VR/AR Association, has outlined the potential for how XR can solve the skilled workforce gap looming for industries like manufacturing and construction. In a discussion at this year’s Industrial IMMERSIVE Week, titled “Bridging the Industrial Skilled Workforce Gap with XR and AI”, Pettyjohn emphasised the […]

Get Ready For The UploadVR Showcase – Summer 2024

We’re excited to announce the return of the UploadVR Showcase, and we want to hear about all of the interesting and original games you’ve been working on.

UploadVR has been a trusted source for everything VR/AR for the better part of a decade, and it’s an

ICYMI This Week: World Of Warcraft VR Mod, Pavlov, Game Room & More

Searching for this week’s biggest VR stories? Here’s our latest news roundup.

April Mega Sale: Save Up to 64% Off Hundreds of VR Games

It’s been a busy couple days. ICYMI, there’s some exciting stuff happening on the Meta Quest Store: Now through 11:59 pm PT on April 28,…

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: Which is Better?

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: Which is the best headset? Both options have been available to the public for a little while now, and both have made quite an impact on consumers. After testing both of these headsets, it’s easy to see why. The Meta Quest 3 is easily the best headset Meta […]

Will VR Help NASA Put Humans on Mars?

Recently, an exciting new use case emerged from the XR space. NASA reports that its astronauts are leveraging virtual reality headsets to explore a digital twin of the space station they will soon occupy. Moreover, the firm will train astronauts on the space station’s workflows via VR and allow designers to refine the station, therefore […]

Big XR News from Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and OpenXR

Big vendor news this week, Admist start-ups and fresh ideas; this week, big names like Meta, Microsoft, Google, and Apple took the headlines due to each firm’s optimisation of its XR product portfolio. From new features to new customer focuses, this week, like many in 2024, will prove vital in laying down the foundation for […]

X Continues To Display Ads Alongside Harmful Content

Hyundai is the latest brand to pause its X ad spend.

Snapchat Shares Insight Into the Performance of Direct Response and Brand Campaigns

Some new considerations for your Snapchat campaigns.

Meta Shares Lead Gen Ad Tips

Meta’s Lead Gen ads can be a great way to get more info on your target customers.