ICYMI This Week: Grokit, Gazzlers, Beat The Beats, Noun Town & More

After this week’s biggest VR news? Here’s our new roundup with a few stories you may have missed, such as Grokit: Twilight Echoes.

Inseye Lumi Is A $160 Cameraless Eye Tracking Addon For Quest 2 & 3

Inseye plans to release a $160 eye tracking addon for Quest 2 and Quest 3, though there’s no specific timeline.

‘Batman: Arkham Shadow’ Development Started in Late 2020, Rocksteady Alums Among the Dev Team

Batman: Arkham Shadow is the next big first-party title from Meta, headed exclusively to Quest 3 later this year. In an interview with the founder of the studio behind the game, we learned more about the origin of the title, the team behind it, and which of the original Batman: Arkham games it’s most closely aligned […]

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NASA, Boeing Adjust Timeline for Starliner Return

NASA and Boeing leadership are adjusting the return to Earth of the Starliner Crew Flight Test spacecraft with agency astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams from the International Space Station. The move off Wednesday, June 26, deconflicts Starliner’s undocking and landing from a series of planned International Space Station spacewalks while allowing mission teams time …

Sightful Spacetop G1 Review: The World’s First XR Laptop

Since extended reality entered the enterprise, many leaders have been speculating about a future where wearables will replace the computer system. However, Sightful, a revolutionary technology company, is the first to bring this idea to life. Back in 2023, the company began stealthily experimenting with its first version of an AR laptop, offered as an […]

Unity vs Unreal: Which is Better for XR Development?

Unity vs Unreal: Which is the best option for companies creating content for extended reality? Both companies are well-known for their innovative approach to supporting the production of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality solutions. However, each option has its own unique pros and cons to consider. Unity is popular for its accessibility and beginner-friendly features. […]

Are Virtual Reality Headsets Bad for Your Eyes?

Are virtual reality headsets bad for your eyes? As VR devices continue to gain popularity in both the consumer and business landscapes, many potential users are asking this question. After all, for years, we’ve been told that “too much screen time” can cause eye fatigue, headaches, and more. Our parents even warned us that sitting […]

Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro Face Critical Restructures

Following the launch of WWDC and AWE 2024 this week, reports have emerged showing that both Apple and Meta may be taking critical steps and restructuring methods to top the XR mountain. Moreover, as 2024 continues, more major technology vendors are entering the device marketplace. While it seems that the space is conquered by leading […]

New York Seeks to Ban Algorithmic Feeds for Teens

The push for regulation of social media continues to gain momentum.

YouTube Enables Editing of Longer Videos

Now you can edit videos that are over 6 hours long.