Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 Review: Great, But A Few Fazcoins Short

Five Nights At Freddy’s Help Wanted 2 lacks in story revelations but offers a solid minigame collection full of fun and frights.

Our full review.

ICYMI This Week: Sweet Surrender, Tank Arena, Unknown Lands & More

After this week’s biggest VR news? Here’s our latest roundup with a few stories you may have missed, such as Sweet Surrender’s Quest 3 upgrade.

6 Years On, ‘Beat Saber’ Shows No Signs of Stopping with New Free Music Pack

Beat Saber is the VR rhythm game behemoth that can’t be stopped. Just two months after dropping the Daft Punk music pack, Beat Games is teasing its next music pack, the free OST 7 pack. Beat Saber launched as a little-known indie game in early access on SteamVR all the way back in May 2018. It […]

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Rise Up: Free-to-Play ‘POPULATION: ONE’ Announces Phoenix Royale, Preview Weekend Kicks Off May 31

Get ready for POPULATION: ONE’s largest battle royale update, featuring automatic redeploys to cheat defeat, more ways to customize your playstyle with buy station upgrades,…

The Best VR Headset for PC: High-Performance Headsets

If you’re looking for the best VR headset for PC, you’re in luck. The virtual reality landscape has exploded in recent years, with innovative new solutions from leading brands like Meta, Pico, and Varjo and new systems from forward-thinking startups. While many modern headsets promise a wire-free (standalone) experience, PC-tethered headsets still represent a valuable […]

The Enterprise Metaverse: Definition, Benefits and Opportunities

The concept of the enterprise metaverse has been gaining increasing attention in recent years. Initially, when the hype around “metaverse” experiences began to rise, many innovators were focused on the consumer market and the opportunities people would have to experience new digital realms. However, as metaverse technologies have grown more accessible and advanced, business leaders […]

Spatial Learning: The New Frontier in Corporate Education

Spatial computing is 2024’s hot tech topic. Alongside emerging technology drivers like genAI, spatial computing solutions—including AR/VR/MR technologies—are changing the workplace today. Vendors and solution providers work closely with enterprise firms to discover new and exciting use cases for immersive technology; for use cases like immersive learning, remote guidance, and simulations. But why should businesses […]

Big XR News from Microsoft, LG, Brainstorm, and Merseyrail

Next month, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2024 (WWDC) and Augmented World Expo 2024 (AWE) are set to shake up the enterprise XR space. At WWDC 2024, Apple may reveal international release windows for its Vision Pro device. Meanwhile, AWE 2024 is readying on its expo floor to showcase the broader XR space and all the […]

The 5 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes [Infographic]

Maybe it’s time to reassess your online habits.

Elon Musk Says X Now Has 600M Monthly Active Users

The revised user count suggests X is growing at a significant rate.