5 B2B Social Media Trends That Will Change Your Whole Strategy [Infographic]

Some insights into key B2B marketing trends on social media in 2022. 

Instagram Shares New Insights into How it Selects Recommended Posts to Highlight in User Home Feeds

The report looks at how Instagram looks t highlight recommended content in user feeds.

Meta Publishes New Report on the Increasing Consumer Reliance on Business Messaging

The report looks at how APAC consumers are increasingly turning to messaging options to connect with businesses.

Dead Second Update Brings New Levels & Many More Features

A massive update for bullet time shooter Dead Second brings two new levels, manual reloading and much more.

More details here.

This $145 VR Manga App on Quest 2 is a Better Deal Than it Seems

As I was perusing Quest App Lab for interesting games, a VR manga app priced at a whopping $145 caught my eye. Surely it must have been a mistake… or a scam? While we’ve seen pricey apps on Quest’s official unlisted ‘App Lab’ store before, almost all of them are some sort of medical or […]

RealWear to Become Platform Solution Firm, CEO Says

Last Tuesday, RealWear launched a cloud-based solution to assist frontline industrial workforces in managing fleets of augmented reality (AR) wearables. Today @realwearinc launched #RealWearCloud – moving us further from h/w focused to #solution focused w/ a #platform that scales. Easier #deployments. Better #analytics. Superior #insights. Easy #configuration and set up. #RealTime device #support. See below:#AssistedReality […]

XR Chipmaker GravityXR Completes pre-A Fundraiser

Chinese chipmaker GravityXR has wrapped up an angel-round investment and pre-A financing round totalling hundreds of millions in Chinese yuan over six months times, Pandaily reported on Friday. Investors such as Gaorong Capital, Sequoia Capital, Jinshajiang Venture Capital, and IDG led the funding round along with Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group. Funding raised in the […]

XR Gaming Case Study in Focus: MLB Home Run Derby and VIVE

As the world of extended reality grows increasingly “mainstream”, we’re seeing a host of companies experimenting with the engaging, and entertaining aspects of the technology. While there’s more to XR than just the potential for amazing games, the novel and fun experiences offered by immersive technologies allows all kinds of companies to reach their audience […]

NVIDIA Unveils Open Metaverse Tools at SIGGRAPH 2022

NVIDIA delivered a speech on Tuesday at the SIGGRAPH 2022, revealing a fresh lineup of metaverse solutions to audiences, including virtual world-building, digital twin, and avatar platforms. In his speech, Jensen Huang, Founder and Chief Executive of NVIDIA, said in a statement the combination of artificial intelligence and computer graphics would “power the metaverse, the […]

LinkedIn Adds New Templates for Posts to Facilitate More Creative Updates

A new way to make more colorful, stand-out LinkedIn posts. If you want.