TikTok’s Future Remains Under a Cloud After CEO’s Appearance Before Congress

TikTok’s CEO provided carefully worded responses to US senators’ questions. 

Crew Talk Space With Students, Investigate Fire Control, and Continue Heart Health and Cargo Return Activities

Since the earliest days of the International Space Station expeditions, student groups in schools, camps, museums, and planetariums have had the opportunity to talk with astronauts aboard the orbital laboratory about career choices and science activities. On Thursday, NASA Flight Engineer Woody Hoburg conducted an ISS Ham Radio (ARISS) session with Lana’i High and Elementary School, in …

150 New VR Games Are Coming To Quest Headsets

Meta’s VR program for developers also received a new name: Oculus Publishing. Its been roughly a decade since the foundation of the original Oculus Content Team and so far Meta has spent hundreds of millions funding third-party content and development, supporting the launch of hit titles such as Among Us VR, Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, Bonelab, and […]

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Meta’s Horizon Worlds VR Metaverse Adds Quests

Earn exclusive rewards by completing specific objectives. Meta today announced update V102 for Horizon Worlds, the company’s social VR metaverse platform. This latest update introduces a number of bug fixes plaguing world editing and collaborators. What is most exciting, however, is a new feature called “Quests.” Rolling out on Quest headsets over the next few weeks, […]

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Breaking News: ‘Not For Broadcast’ Launches on Meta Quest 2 + Pro Today

Good evening, our main story on this National Nightly News program: Acclaimed FMV game Not For Broadcast releases today on Meta Quest 2 + Pro….

Good Luck, Captain: Action Rogue-Lite ‘Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game’ is Out Today on Meta Quest 2

Exploring the edge of the universe isn’t for the faint of heart. While you can meet some friendly alien species and conduct valuable scientific research,…

Virtual Reality Statistics To Know In 2023 

Virtual Reality has evolved from a futuristic, science-fiction concept into an everyday technology in the last couple of years. Only a short while ago, few people have ever heard of “virtual reality”. By 2022, the Virtual Reality market was valued at approximately $37 billion. By 2027, experts predict this value will increase to $114.5 billion […]

RTLY, Ready Player Me Partner for Avatar Interoperability

Web3 firm RLTY announced on Thursday it had partnered with avatar-building platform Ready Player Me to boost interoperability for avatars and wearables. The former’s no-code, Unity-based virtual experience creator for enterprises will integrate new and existing Ready Player Me avatars to build immersive web3 experiences. New entrants can choose from 30 prebuilt full and half-bodied […]

NVIDIA Debuts CloudXR 4.0 Platform at GTC 2023

NVIDIA announced on Thursday the release of its CloudXR 4.0 platform at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2023. The new tools will empower developers with bespoke CloudXR use cases for applications and clients. It will also provide extended reality (XR) scaling for deployments across the cloud and improved server and client flexibility for developing applications. […]

Rokid Unveils Max AR Smart Glasses

Chinese augmented reality (AR) firm Rokid announced this week that it had launched its Rokid Max smart glasses. The new device offers a lightweight, compact movie theatre experience for users. Weighing in at 75 grammes and providing a 215-inch large screen at a six-metre distance, the smart glasses provide stellar visualisations for moviegoing experiences. The […]