The Most Hated Social Media Apps Around the World [Infographic]

Which apps do you hate the most, for whatever reason? Does this listing align with your view?

Google Outlines New Algorithm Improvements to Improve the Accuracy of its Displayed Search Results

Google’s launched some improvements for its Search snippets – which may be good for Google, but not so great for web managers.

Snapchat Shares New Data on its Unique Audience Reach, and Why That’s of Value for Brands

The data shows that Snap is the key messaging app for the majority of its users.

Vince Gilligan Confirms A Breaking Bad VR Experience Almost Came To PSVR

Vince Gilligan confirmed that a Breaking Bad VR experience was once in development for PSVR.

More info here.

VR Surgical Training Platform Raises $20M, Further Solidifying VR’s Place in Medicine

VR surgical training platform FundamentalVR today announced it has raised a $20 million Series B investment to further expand its VR surgical training platform. The company is among a growing list of companies taking root in what appears to be a prime use-case for VR. FundamentalVR today announced it has raised a $20 million Series […]

Astronauts Pack Dragon for Return; Cosmonauts Practice Spacewalk

Skin healing processes and spacewalk preparations filled the work schedule aboard the International Space Station on Friday. The Expedition 67 crew members are also readying a U.S. space freighter for its return to Earth next week. Four astronauts aboard the orbiting lab practiced surgical techniques to heal wounds in microgravity on Friday in the Kibo …

ManageXR, Prisms to Scale Immersive STEM Learning

This Tuesday, extended reality (XR) device administration service ManageXR partnered with immersive learning solution Prisms of Reality to scale virtual reality (VR)-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. With help from the ManageXR onboarding service, Prisms is scaling its STEM learning platform to schools in 60 areas, distributing its solution across roughly 5,000 Pico […]

What’s the Latest on Lenovo’s New VR Headset?

This Tuesday, Lenovo teased a new virtual reality (VR) headset in a Chinese language poster. In the promotional material, the global technology firm teased its VR700, a new entry into its Legion line-up of VR gaming hardware. The Chinese poster does not reveal many details about the headset, excluding the front plate and head strap. […]

Metaverse Urged to Regulate Crypto Risks, BoE Says

The Metaverse could potentially host large volumes of cryptocurrency transactions that could pose risks to users and investors, researchers from the Bank of England said in a blog post on Tuesday. According to Owen Lock of the BoE’s Resilience Division and Teresa Cascino, the Bank’s Fintech Hub, institutions were urged to regulate cryptocurrency use to […]

Browzwear Unveils VStitcher, Lotta eFashion Updates

3D technology firm Browzwear unveiled on Tuesday fresh updates to its VStitcher and Lotta fashion visualisation platforms complete with enhanced physics and fresh updates. Version 2022.1 of the software will expedite the creation of realistic visuals and improved 3D fabric digital twins, allowing companies to employ the technologies across processes and reduce waste. The updates […]