Microsoft Teams Introduces Frontline AR Tools for iOS, Android

This week, the Mircosoft Teams smartphone application is gaining new XR features through AR instructional annotations that team members and managers can apply to a caller’s feed, providing instructional insight and assistance. The new Teams Dynamics 365 Remote Assist feature was initially available via the Hololens 2; now, the update brings the features to the […]

Google Introduces 8K Streaming on Meta Quest

Recently, Google released an update to its Quest 3 YouTube application, which allows users to stream 8K videos to their Meta Quest 3 – at least in theory. Despite the update, Quest 3 headsets cannot stream up to 8K video, as the device’s quality is capped at 4K. This means that the YouTube update could […]

Content That Triggers Massive Reach on Social Media

Want to use organic content to grow your reach? Wondering what types of content create engagement the algorithm values? To explore the type of content that triggers massive reach on social media, I interview Andy Crestodina.

Guest: Andy Crestodina | Show Notes:

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X Announces New Info Session for Advertisers

X will be running the webinar next week.

X’s Swipe to Respond Functionality Is Coming, Replacing Action Buttons on Posts

X’s new UI is coming.

X Banned in Pakistan Amid Ongoing Political Unrest

Pakistani officials have not yet clarified the full details of the ban.

Meta Faces Challenges in Europe Over Ad-Free Subscription Offering

EU regulators have argued that Meta’s consent or pay approach is not in alignment with the intention of the law.

Interview with Ekto VR about its magical shoes to walk in VR

In my article about the craziest XR devices out there, I mentioned Ekto VR, the shoes that let you walk in real life to walk in virtual reality. After that article, Brad Factor, the CEO of EktoVR, contacted me to tell me that there have been a lot of updates in the device since the […]

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Advanced Research and Ongoing Spacewalk Preps Pack Schedule

The Expedition 71 crew had its hands full on Thursday with a multitude of research activities filling the schedule. The orbital septet also continued gearing up for next week’s spacewalk amidst ongoing cargo operations aboard the International Space Station. Advanced space science is continually taking place aboard the orbital outpost with the experiments being run …

Crew Works Cargo, Biomedical Ops, and Spacewalk Preps

Cargo operations and spacewalks preparations topped the schedule aboard the International Space Station on Wednesday. The Expedition 71 crew members also worked on biomedical research and reviewed procedures for a simulated emergency. NASA astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Mike Barratt kicked off their day swapping cargo in and out of the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft …