Analysing the AWS Industrial Metaverse

The industrial Metaverse is looking to be the XR buzzword of 2024. Since mid-2023, firms like Microsoft and Meta moved towards the wordage following the decline of faith towards the initial Metaverse wave towards the start of the year. The industrial Metaverse is simply an umbrella term which includes immersive (VR/AR/MR) digital solutions that support […]

MID?M+ Cannes Event to Rally Music Industry with XR, Web3

MID?M+ is set to return to Cannes, France to kick off the start of 2024. Taking place from 24 to 27 January, the second instalment of the festival will host several key immersive events linked to the music industry. The event aims to serve as a forum, marketplace, and music festival for connecting professionals, brainstorming […]

Positioning Business Leaders for Success Using LinkedIn

Want to leverage the reputation of your company’s leadership on LinkedIn? Wondering what types of content your owner or CEO can write about? To explore how to position leaders to take advantage of LinkedIn, I interview Richard Bliss.

Guest: Richard Bliss | Show Notes:

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X is Bringing Post Headlines Back to Link Previews In-Stream

Some good, pre-Thanksgiving news from Elon and team. 

Instagram Will Now Enable All Users to Download Publicly Posted Reels Clips

Expect to see more IG logos in TikTok clips.

X Refutes NewsGuard Report Which Claims That its Displaying Ads Alongside Harmful Content

X is determined to fight claims that it’s systems could be flawed.

Arken Age Promises A Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Next Year On PSVR 2 & SteamVR

Arken Age promises physics-based combat in a sci-fi fantasy VR adventure next year on PSVR 2 and Steam.

VRChat Begins Open Beta For Paid Creator Subscriptions

VRChat adds paid subscriptions for creators, now live in open beta.

Here’s How You Set Up EyeSight & Your Persona With Apple Vision Pro’s Front Display

Here’s how you set up EyeSight & Persona with Apple Vision Pro’s front display.

Wallace & Gromit Jamtastic! Turns Toast Making Into A Mixed Reality Shooting Gallery

Wallace & Gromit Jamtastic! merges mixed reality shooting galleries with jam toast, coming soon alongside The Grand Getaway.