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Why Cats Are Better Than Us (18 pictures)

  • 1

    They Make Friends…With Anyone

    Via: Babble

  • 2

    They Are Very Easily Entertained

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  • 3

    They Are Problem Solvers

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    Too Bright? Don’t Worry They Will Turn It Off… Forever

  • 4

    They Look Better In Suits

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  • 5

    They Know Of To Relax

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  • 6

    They Are Adorable When Mad

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  • 7

    They Can Act Like Us

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  • 8

    Those Whiskers, Those Purrrrs, THOSE EYES!

    Via: pinterest

  • 9

    The Best At Hide And Seek

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  • 10

    They Let You Know When They Are Unhappy And Don’t Keep Their Emotions To Themselves

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  • 11

    And In Costumes

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  • 12

    They Don’t Let You Get Away With Anything

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  • 13

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  • 14

    Professional Balancers

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  • 15

    But Seriously…

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  • 16

    They Also Don’t Care To Show Some PDA!

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  • 17

    Too Cute!!!!!

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Viral Video Recap: Memes of the Week


The 2012 U.S. presidential election, fittingly dubbed the first meme election by some people, came to end this week when Americans re-elected Barack Obama.

While his victory messages went viral across Facebook and Twitter, other candid moments and political parodies caught people’s attention on the web (watch the video).

Never ones to stray away from attention, cats also clawed their way into the spotlight, as did Angry Birds.

BONUS: Speaking of Cats …