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Kids React To Crazy eHarmony Cat Girl

Remember the crazy lady who made an eHarmony profile video? It was an instant viral hit, and people are still debating if it’s real or not. Rafi and Benny of the Fine Brothers showed the video to a bunch of kids to get their perspective and reaction. Sometimes you just gotta listen to the kids. They really dissect the whole online dating scene. Wow, these kids are smart.



Thanks Rafi and Benny!!

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Cat Plays With Piece Of Paper

Cat Plays With Piece Of Paper

Everyone knows the Internet loves cats, but how serious is this obsession? If this recent viral video is any evidence, the answer is very obsessed. This silly clip by Lorie Geee has gone viral with over 900,000 views! Does the video showcase some amazing animal trick? Nope, it’s just a cat playing with a piece of paper. And the Web is loving it! 


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Hedgehog Petting Cafe Opens Up In Tokyo

As there are no wild hedgehogs in Japan, seeing one is quite a treat. To fill this gap in the market with some prickly cuteness, a hedgehog-themed cafe has opened in Roppongi District, Tokyo.

Since February, customers have been queuing at the “Harry” cafe to have the opportunity to pet the hedgehogs.The name “Harry”stems from awordplay onthe Japanese word for hedgehog. For 1,000 yen ($9) on weekdays and 1,300 yen ($11) on holidays, the cafe offers an hour of petting and playing with a selection of hedgehogs. Theres even a menu of different colorsto choose from.

In case hedgehogs arent your thing, the same building also has a rabbitcafe owned by the same people.

Mizuki Murata, who works at the cafe, told Reuters, We wanted to show people the charm of hedgehogs, which give the impression of being hard to handle. We wanted to get rid of that image by letting people touch them.

She added, The cutest thing about hedgehogs is getting them to finally open up and show you their face.

Although some people have doubted the suitability of petting these shy and nocturnal creatures, hedgehogs can be comfortably kept as pets. In Japan, these prickly beasts areparticularly popular astiny companions. That said, if you see a hedgehog out and about in the wild its always best to leave them be. However,if youcome across onein your garden,its advised you feed them meaty cat or dog food and water notbread and milk.

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What do you call a huddle of hedgehogs? #hedgehogcafe #hedgehog #tokyo #japan #kawaii #lostgirlintokyo

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The Pack Of Five Dogs, A Cat, And A Duck

This adorable pet video was published online by Erica Griffith over a year ago, but it has just gone viral, going from zero to over 200,000 views just today. 

Erica is a true animal lover, and as a result, has a very unique and diverse pack of pets. She shows them off by calling her five well behaved dogs into the room one at a time and then–the surprise–George, a one year old duck, and Twiggy the kitty.

Now, the clip is appearing across the web, including popular sites, such as CuteOverLoadTastefullyOffensive, and CollegeHumor


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Firefighters Use Leaf Blower To Save Kitten Stuck In Pipe

Why do kittens just love tiny, tight pipes? They always seem to get stuck in them and require saving. Well, if you’re going to get stuck in a pipe, what better place than getting stuck in the actual firehouse. A kitten got himself stuck in one of two plumbing pipes in this firehouse. The kitten savers use a leaf blower to blow the kitten out. And it works!


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Toddler Plays Catch With Dolphin

Toddler Plays Catch With Dolphin

Is there anything cuter than a baby playing catch or fetch with a dog? Actually, there is! In this adorable clip, a toddler plays a game of catch with a dolphin. Some people pay big bucks to hang out with dolphins, and this little guy is playing ball with one. Lucky kid!

 This video has over a quarter million hits!


Via LaughingSquid

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