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Nyan Cat VS Grumpy Cat Animeme Rap Battle

Animeme and Official Comedy published the hilarious Forever Alone VS Overly Attached Girlfriend Rap Battle at the start of the month, quickly garnering over 300,000 views

But the same day, they also published a second rap battle, pinning the meme-popular Nyan Cat up against the overly-blue Grumpy Cat. 

The latest feline-meme rap battle is trending more than ever, and now stands with over 750,000 hits


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Kids React To Crazy eHarmony Cat Girl

Remember the crazy lady who made an eHarmony profile video? It was an instant viral hit, and people are still debating if it’s real or not. Rafi and Benny of the Fine Brothers showed the video to a bunch of kids to get their perspective and reaction. Sometimes you just gotta listen to the kids. They really dissect the whole online dating scene. Wow, these kids are smart.



Thanks Rafi and Benny!!

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Why Cats Are Better Than Us (18 pictures)

  • 1

    They Make Friends…With Anyone

    Via: Babble

  • 2

    They Are Very Easily Entertained

    Via: Babble

  • 3

    They Are Problem Solvers

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    Too Bright? Don’t Worry They Will Turn It Off… Forever

  • 4

    They Look Better In Suits

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  • 5

    They Know Of To Relax

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  • 6

    They Are Adorable When Mad

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  • 7

    They Can Act Like Us

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  • 8

    Those Whiskers, Those Purrrrs, THOSE EYES!

    Via: pinterest

  • 9

    The Best At Hide And Seek

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  • 10

    They Let You Know When They Are Unhappy And Don’t Keep Their Emotions To Themselves

    Via: Babble

  • 11

    And In Costumes

    Via: Pinterest

  • 12

    They Don’t Let You Get Away With Anything

    Via: Reddit

  • 13

    Via: Babble

  • 14

    Professional Balancers

    Via: Pinterest

  • 15

    But Seriously…

    Via: Cats In Car

  • 16

    They Also Don’t Care To Show Some PDA!

    Via: Babble

  • 17

    Too Cute!!!!!

    Via: HuffingtonPost

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Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

There are countless cat videos online from our perspective, but what about a human video from a cat’s perspective?

Thankfully, eccentric online personality Ze Frank of BuzzFeed Video teamed up with Purina to offer this enlightening Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human.


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I Can Haz Newz? Reporter Gets Cat Bombed


They say you should never work with children and animals. But what if the animals really want to work with you? Local news reporter Nicole DiDonato had to deal with that situation Thursday, when her live report about a local microbrewery was cat bombed.

Fox-17, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shared the video on their website, but not before DiDonato tweeted out the incident to the world.

Naturally, because this concerns a cat, there must be a meme to go along with it.

We couldn’t find one, so we took care of it ourselves.

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Screenshot courtesy of FOX-17

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What German Sounds Like To Foreigners

What German Sounds Like To Foreigners

For those who cannot speak it, the German language can sound a little rough around the edges. Of course, native German speakers feel like they sound perfectly normal. 

German YouTube channel Copy Cat Channel demonstrates just how different German sounds to German speakers and to foreigners in this humorous comedy sketch


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