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The Pack Of Five Dogs, A Cat, And A Duck

This adorable pet video was published online by Erica Griffith over a year ago, but it has just gone viral, going from zero to over 200,000 views just today. 

Erica is a true animal lover, and as a result, has a very unique and diverse pack of pets. She shows them off by calling her five well behaved dogs into the room one at a time and then–the surprise–George, a one year old duck, and Twiggy the kitty.

Now, the clip is appearing across the web, including popular sites, such as CuteOverLoadTastefullyOffensive, and CollegeHumor


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/06/20/the-pack-of-five-dogs-cat-and-duck/

Firefighters Use Leaf Blower To Save Kitten Stuck In Pipe

Why do kittens just love tiny, tight pipes? They always seem to get stuck in them and require saving. Well, if you’re going to get stuck in a pipe, what better place than getting stuck in the actual firehouse. A kitten got himself stuck in one of two plumbing pipes in this firehouse. The kitten savers use a leaf blower to blow the kitten out. And it works!


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Cat Likes To Sit On Gamer’s Head

The Internet is riddled with cat videos, and yet people still crave more cute, cuddly kitties.  just posted this video of her two cats before the weekend, and it is already nearing one million hits. Her one cat, Malcom, is fine sitting to the side, but Sophie will only get comfy resting on Scott’s head. 


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/01/16/cat-likes-to-sit-on-gamers-head/

Cat And Dog Stand Off

Somewhere in the depths of Russia, a cat and dog held a stand off. For a long minute, the two creates of the wild stared into each other’s eyes, waiting for that one moment to pounce. Finally, the dog strikes first, but the cat isn’t having any of it, and soon the dog is running from the cat. In Soviet Russia dog run from cat. The video is featured on StuffIStole


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/08/25/cat-and-dog-stand-off/

Fresh Step Bacon Scented Kitty Litter News Report

 knows the Internet is obsessed with cats, and feels right at home with the feline friendly web. The cat food company even made this fake news report about new bacon scented kitty litter in honor of April Fools. The early joke is featured on YouTubeTrends


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New Hunch-Cat Walks On Two Legs

The first Internet dubbed Hunch-Cat went viral two weeks ago, when a cat hunched over and seemed to walk away on its hind legs. Well, this way of walking if obviously rare, but not unique to the original Hunch-Cat. Here’s a second cat with a similar ‘back problem’. The video is shared by Burn Red via Buzzfeed


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French Cat Henri Visits The Vet

The last time we left him, Henri the dissatisfied French cat was complaining about his everyday life and rituals. Shockingly, his attitude has not changed much.

And if he wasn’t happy lying around, Henri is definitely not going to have a good time at the vet. The week old video has over 110,000 views, and is featured on Fark, DailyPicks, and BlameItOnTheVoices.


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YouTube Complaints 2014

YouTube Complaints 2014

Everyone loves watching their favorite music videos, spoofs, and cat videos on YouTube. But there’s also plenty to complain about on the world’s most popular video streaming site. Thankfully, Barely Political has held their popular YouTube complaints for the third year for the community to air their grievances . 


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