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Baby Got Bassoon: Sir Mix-A-Lot Performs With Seattle Symphony Orchestra

After 22 years, Sir Mix-A-Lot apparently still can’t lie about liking big butts.

“What I want to do is something you really should not do,” the MC and producer said in front of a sold-out audience at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall on Friday. What happened next might make you question everything you know about orchestras and songs about booties.

Women from the audience rushed the stage to accompany the 50-year-old rapper (and throw down some serious dance moves) as he performed his iconic 1992 hit “Baby Got Back” with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

The event was part of Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Evolution event, intended to celebrate the past, present, and future of Seattle music.

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I Can Haz Newz? Reporter Gets Cat Bombed


They say you should never work with children and animals. But what if the animals really want to work with you? Local news reporter Nicole DiDonato had to deal with that situation Thursday, when her live report about a local microbrewery was cat bombed.

Fox-17, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shared the video on their website, but not before DiDonato tweeted out the incident to the world.

Naturally, because this concerns a cat, there must be a meme to go along with it.

We couldn’t find one, so we took care of it ourselves.

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Screenshot courtesy of FOX-17

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Watch A Bowling Ball And Feather Falling In A Vacuum

You probably know that two objects dropped in a vacuum fall at the same rate, no matter the mass of each item. If you’ve never seen a demonstration of this, then you really should, because it’s incredible to watch.

Here is perhaps the perfect example, brought to us by physicist Brian Cox. He checked out NASA’s Space Simulation Chamber located at the Space Power Facility in Ohio. With a volume of 22,653 cubic meters, it’s the largest vacuum chamber in the world.

In this hypnotizing clip from the BBC, Cox drops a bowling ball and a feather together, first in normal conditions, and then after virtually all the air has been sucked out of the chamber. We know what happens, but that doesn’t stop it from being awesome, especially with the team’s ecstatic faces. 



[Hat tip: io9]

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Viral Recap: Popular Videos You May Have Missed This Week


If you’ve been busy and may have missed one of this week’s hottest viral videos, fear not. We’re here to get you up to speed.

Mashable has once again packaged this week’s buzz-worthy clips into one short and sweet video for your viewing pleasure. This week’s installment ranges from daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s space jump — and the parodies that came with it, including one from Conan O’Brien — to a man that rides a bike with a cat on his shoulder.

Not to mention Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious clip of people on the street discussing what they thought of the presidential debate from the night before — except there wasn’t actually a debate the night before.

What was your favorite viral clip of the week? Think we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

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