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17 Cats That Just Can’t Deal With This Week

You may think the life of a cat is easy, but you’d be dead wrong.

Though they’re much cuter about it, these cats still feel the harrowing reality of the return from a long weekend just as much as any human. Some take out their frustration on a roll of paper towels and some prefer to hide in a brick wall’s crevice.

Let these cats take you to the end of the workday. If they can do it, so can you.

The Closest We Can Get to Time Travel

Time Travel, Jerry King

Spring forward, fall back — daylight saving time is our only brush with defying the laws of nature.

It’s no Quantum Leap, but we’ll just have be satisfied.

Comic written by Larry Lambert, illustrated by Jerry King.

America, Prepare to Be Pumped for Germany-U.S. World Cup Match

Repeat after me: I believe that we will win.

Whether you’re a fan of soccer/football, sports in general or even just the United States, this video will get you so pumped for Thursday’s World Cup match against Germany, even Angela Merkel will be believing in the power of red, white and blue.

Ted Harrison sliced together footage of Team USA players and fans from previous matches in a medley titled “One Moment Does Not Define Us.” The moment Ted is referring to is that goal scored by Portugal in the final seconds of Sunday’s match.

Win or lose (but hopefully win), no one can deny we’ve got spirit.

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Adorable Superhero Kitties: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Hairball


Christian Bale and Henry Cavill might be cute by Hollywood standards, but by feline standards, they’re not exactly the cat’s meow. For superheroes that will claw apart your heart with cuteness, there’s Cooper and Pancake.

The hairball-fighting duo do what cat superheroes do best: chase bad guy toys, nibble Kryptonite-free treats, and use the litterbox under the Batcave stairs.

Top 10 GIFs of the Week


Young Steve Martin Was a Turtle-Riding Drag Queen


Steve Martin has come a long way as a comedian. Before becoming a big screen star known all around the world, he started small (as most comedians do) and was known for smaller parts.

Luckily for us, his first TV special, Steve Martin: A Wild and Crazy Guy, is hilarious. Martin promises his lover that he will wear something from her as good luck. Unfortunately for him, it’s not just a “pin or something,” as he expected.

Watch the video above to see this classic and hilarious turtle-wrangling version of Steve Martin in one of his first comedy videos. Thanks to Official Comedy for sharing the throwback.

Boy Band Parody Mocks You For Still Acting Like a Teenage Girl


A new parody of boy band One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” pokes fun at adults who fawn over things that teenagers often love.

“I know it feels pretty weird to discreetly listen to a teenage boy band at 33,” the One Direction look-alikes sing in the video. “We know it’s meant for little girls, but we can’t agree it’s OK (oh-oh), it’s OK to like this song.”

The spoof from comedy site Jest goes on to mock the video’s main character for liking Glee, Degrassi, Dreamworks and Pixar movies, Selena Gomez, Hunger Games, iCarly, Twilight and other pop culture guilty pleasures (and for trashing her bedroom after Javier won The Voice).

| ‘I’m in Love With Halo’ Spoofs One Direction

But the question remains: Are you a grown-up teenage girl? If so, are you OK with that? Because I am.

Kitty Cam Will Expose Your Cat as a Cold-Blooded Murderer


You know everything there is to know about Mr. Minxie-Bums, right? You know just the way he likes his belly rubbed, when he wants his supper, and you know at what time he likes to go outside every night. But do you know what he does when he’s out where the streetlights replace the sun and the rules don’t mean a thing?

University of Georgia researchers peek into the secret lives of outdoor cats with their Kitty Cams. The unobtrusive video cameras were attached to 60 urban free-roaming cats whose owners volunteered them for this project.

The American Bird Association states that the predatory nature of the domestic cat is one of the leading causes for the decline of many species of birds and small mammals in the United States. Out of the 74 million cats in America, it’s estimated that 30% kill prey.

“The previous estimates were probably too conservative because they didn’t include the animals that cats ate or left behind,” said Kerrie Anne Loyd, a University of Georgia researcher who worked on the Kitty Cam project. The Kitty Cam project was designed to get an accurate reading of how large the domestic cat’s effect really is.

Cat owners around the city of Athens, Ga. volunteered their cats to be fitted with Kitty Cams in order to collect data regarding the cats’ predation habits. The researchers secured a video camera around each cat’s collar, which allowed the cat’s activities to be recorded without affecting its ordinary behaviors.

On average, cats only brought home about 25% of what they killed, ate 30%, and left the remaining kills where they died. These findings may explain why so many species which make up cats’ typical prey are dying off so rapidly. The fact that cats kill without mercy or remorse was not the only thing learned by the project. Researchers were surprised to find that cats aren’t only dangerous to birds and small mammals.

The Kitty Cams revealed that 45% of the 60 cats studied darted across roads and 25% ate or drank things they found lying around.

But what if the Kitty Cam was used in other cities? What would we find out about New York City cats? What kind of prey would cats in Juneau stalk? Would San Franciscan cats dash in front of trolleys?

This article originally published at Geekosystem

Read more: http://mashable.com/2012/08/08/kitty-cam/

Street Performers Go Head-to-Head in Electrifying Tesla Coil Fight


Many New Yorkers remained without power over the weekend, but one street performance in Queens wowed spectators (and the web) with an electrifying stunt.

Two performers stood atop Tesla coils, dressed in red and blue special suits to withstand powerful jolts of electricity. Watch in the video above, as they go head-to-head in an “electricity fight” that’s sure to excite more than just Tesla fanboys and science-lovers.

The stunt , filmed by YouTube user nelldogcf, was part of the Belfast Festival in Queens.

Baby Elephant Reunited With Mom After Dramatic Rescue


The Amboseli Trust for Elephants played hero to a calf and his mother by rescuing the young elephant from a well in Kenya. Three employees from the nonprofit conservation organization coordinated the effort, using their vehicles to chase the mother away before attempting to lift the hefty baby from the ditch.

Footage of the rescue shows the three-month-old pachyderm trumpeting distress sounds as two men try to extract him from the hole using a rope, a truck and a bit of ingenuity.

After the rescue, the group helped reunite the baby elephant with his mom.

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