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OmniCorp From RoboCop 2013 Product Line Commercial

As a clever way to market the new RoboCop reboot in 2013, fantasy company OmniCorp published this advert offering their futuristic services in our world. 

Imagine no crime and no need for police. It may sound alluring, until you realize it’s because there is a fleet of weaponized drones flying in the sky controlled by one corporation. Read more on Collider


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Mini-Drones Battle Remote Control Cars Action Scene

Mini-Drones Battle Remote Control Cars Action Scene

Special effects studio Corridor Digital teamed up with drone company Parrot to put together this heart racing action scene. While going for a drive through town, a gang of bandits attack a group of cars. But thankfully, there were drones equipped with lasers to fight off the criminals. The entire scene looks like an action sequence from a big budget Hollywood film, but really it was created using toy remote cars and mini-drones. Awesome! 


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The Last Cat On Earth Music Video

Special effects master Freddie W has delivered a double dose of Internet awesome in his latest video, mixing outrageous action with cute animals. 

In The Last Cat on Earth, the evil president Mr. Wiggles sends his best doggy SWAT troops to take out the last cat on Earth that is being protected by Jimmy Wong and the Resistance. 

Music is Don’t Let Go by Swiss American Federation.

“NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN MAKING THIS VIDEO. They had endless Beggin’ Strips.”


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Real Working Iron Man Cosplay Suit

As the Internet continues to grow, so does cosplaying, an art form when fans dress up as famous fictional character, usually from the fantasy and action genres. 

This Japanese man in an Iron Man suit may have won the Internet and all cosplay competition till the end of time. His suit looks 100% Hollywood movie set ready, and it even has real moving parts! The face mask open and closes, the eyes even light up, and more!

The video is going viral after being featured on Kotaku, Reddit, and IGN.


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Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army Short Film

Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army Short Film

Cats love to play with and swat at paper. But what happens when paper fights back? 

Animal enthusiast Adam Cox wondered just that, so he put together this impressive short film, titled Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army

After the Jess the Ginger Cat took out another paper man, the paper-people decided to finally band together and fight back against the feline tyranny. 


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