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GoPro On Whiskey Bottle At Wedding

GoPro On Whiskey Bottle At Wedding

During Brian and Allie’s wedding, James C stuck a GoPro camera on the side of a bottle of Fireball whiskey. Then, he passed the bottle of booze around for everyone to take a sip. After the wedding, he chopped up the footage to create this unique GoPro perspective video.  

Congrats to the happy couple!


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Woman Swims With Great White Shark

To promote their new HD HERO2 camera, Go Pro Camera teamed up with veteran freediver Ocean Ramsey for some jaw-dropping underwater footage.

Incredibly, she swims with one of the largest fish in the sea, the Great White Shark, all under the lens of the Hero2. 

Now, the video has already collected over 390,000 views over the weekend, and is further covered by EpicTV, NYDailyNews, and GMAYahoo.


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Bullet Time Fire Breathing With GoPro Array

Bullet Time Fire Breathing With GoPro Array

This new video by Tyler Johnson puts The Matrix’s bullet time special effects to shame. Using his own homemade camera array out of 24 GoPro cameras, Tyler captured Go Pro Camera‘s music supervisor David Kelley breathing fire in flow motion that has the web drooling.


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Homemade GoPro Camera Array Creates Stunning Matrix-Style ‘Bullet Time’ Visuals

When The Matrix debuted back in 1999, the stunning visuals–commonly referred to as ‘bullet time‘ special effects–blew the world away. Their state of the art camera techniques have since been copied, parodied, and spoofed countless times by Hollywood

But for years, only the big studios with even bigger budgets could create such dazzling images. Now that technology is only accelerating at ever greater speeds, small time artists and producers can replicate the effects. 

Just take Marc Donahue, who created stunning ‘bullet time’ visuals with his homemade array of GoPro cameras. The shutter speeds aren’t perfectly synced, but that only results in even more interesting visuals. 

The project was covered more in depth on FStoppers. Now, the week old video stands with over 30,000 views, and is only picking up viral momentum. 


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Mars Evolution Animation Shows What Mars Might Have Looked Like Billions Of Years Ago

Mars Evolution

NASA Goddard has gone viral with this stunning artist interpretation of what Mars might have looked like four billion years ago. 

At one point when the atmosphere was still thick and warm, scientists believe there was water on Mars– the most important ingredient for life.

In one day, the hypothetical computer animation has amassed over half a million views!


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GroPro Camera On Trombone Facing The Player

The web has seen the awesome video aftermath when a GoPro camera is put on a hunting dog and inside of a hula hoop, and now CDMVette has taken things to a musical level. 

He attached a GoPro to his trombone facing himself. His resulting video is a mix of funny, interesting, ridiculous, and even a drop of genius, and has started to trend over the weekend. 


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X-Rays Reveal Something Very Eerie In 16th-Century Painting Of John Dee

John Dee is a mysterious and controversial figure in the history of science. He was a Welsh polymath who pioneered areas of mathematics and science during the16th century soap-opera of the Tudor dynasty. But, amid his groundbreaking studies of geometry and astronomy, Dees work is laced with ideas of the occult, angels, demonsand the supernatural.

UsingX-ray analysis on a famous painting of DeebyVictorian artist Henry Gillard Glindoni (below), researchers have eerily revealed thetwo sides of the 16th-century scholar.

The analysis looked beneath the superficial layer of paint and revealed that the painting, which shows Dee performing for Queen Elizabeth I, originally depicted him standing in a circle of human skulls.

“John Dee performing an experiment before Elizabeth I”by Henry Gillard Glindoni. Image Credit: Wellcome Library

The X-ray imaging was commissioned for a free event at the Royal College of Physicians that will run from January 18 to July 29, 2016, at the Royal College of Physicians nearRegent’s Park, London. The exhibition will featurepaintings of Dee, along with a first-time look at his hand-writtenmathematical, astronomicaland alchemical texts.

Speaking to the Guardian, the exhibitions curator Katie Birkwood said: He is one of Tudor Englands most interesting and enigmatic figures and we are exploring that without coming down with a view on whether he is a scholar, courtier or magician. He is all of those and more.

Why exactly the skulls were removed from the final painting is unknown. However, Birkwood suggests it was at the request of the person who commissioned the painting, perhaps unnerved by the morbid content.

This isnt the first time that technology has been used to revealthe secret depths of artworks. Just last month, researchers used a technique called Layer Amplification Method (LAM) to reveal a hidden portrait behind Leonardo da Vincis Mona Lisa.

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