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Cat Meeting Baby For First Time Is Precious

Cat Meeting Baby For First Time Is Precious

Bringing the new baby home to meet the family pet is always an anxious time. This first meeting between a newborn baby and an apprehensive cat is just precious. Kitty doesn’t seem to know how to react. Even though the video is from 2013, it has only gone viral now with over 300,000 new views!


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Man Records The Dramatic Ride To The Hospital As His Wife Is In Labor

Man Records The Dramatic Ride To The Hospital As His Wife Is In Labor

Every couple-to-be fears not being able to get to the hospital in time. That fear almost came true for Troy Dickerson and his heavily expecting wife. At nearly 2 AM, she began going through extremely strong contraction.

As they sped to the hospital, Christen screamed that the baby was coming! Finally, just as they drove up to the hospital she gave birth standing up outside the car. Thankfully it all ended well for the entire family! Phew!

Troy had a GoPro camera going the entire time and captured the entire dramatic scene on camera. 


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Baby Girl Meets Cat For First Time

First times for kids is always a special occasion. This little girl meets a cat for the first time and immediately fell in love. But she showed her love a little too aggressively, and the cat gave her a little smack back. The baby cried for a bit, but got over it quickly. Then their relationship began to grow and they had a tea party. 


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Baby Sea Lion Jumps Aboard Boat, Snuggles With Man

Now that digital cameras have become as ubiquitous as eye glasses, more and more special, magical moments are ending up online for thousands to see.

An online favorite is rare human-animal interactions in the wild. 

In March, the web awwed over this adorable GoPro video a surfer took when a baby seal boarded his craft. That video now stands with nearly two million views.

Now, J.R. Gilkinson‘s video, appropriately titled My Life Changing Experience with a Baby Sea Lion, of a baby seal stowaway on his boat has gone viral. 

Apparently, seals are just like dogs and like to cuddle.


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Cat Punches Baby

This video from 2009 has recently exploded in popularity, and is going viral on WeHateCollege, BunnyFood, and TastefullyOffensive. We’ve seen a cat punch a dog in the face before, but never a baby. In her highchair, this baby tries to play with her feline friend a little t0o rough, so kitty gives her a few quick jabs to the face. Bad kitty!


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Men Meeting Tiny Kittens Is The Cutest

Men Meeting Tiny Kittens Is The Cutest

Not all people are cat people, but it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t a kitten person. BuzzFeed found a group of guys who all claimed to not be cat people and wooed them with a shower of adorable kittens. Even these tough guys can’t help but swoon of the kitties. 


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