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Doggy Cam Captures The Exciting Moment Dog Runs To The Beach

Doggy Cam Captures The Exciting Moment Dog Runs To The Beach

Remember the excited dog from Pixar’s Up? Well, Walter is basically the real life version of that lovable pup. Italian Sciu attached a GoPro camera to the back of Walter to capture the moment when he excitedly runs to the beach in Siracusa, Sicily. Splash!


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Corgi First Person View Hiking Runyon Canyon

 made a special GoPro backpack for his adorably short Corgi, and went hiking through the Runyon Canyon outside of Los Angeles. Now we can see what it’s like to hike with short furry legs and cute ears.

Any noticeable distortion is a result of editing to compensate for any shaking. The new video already has 40,000 views, and is featured on TheDailyWhatCBSNews TheFeed, and LaughingSquid


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Upside Down Cat Flips Over To Always Land On Its Feet Explained In Super Slow Motion

Everyone knows that cats always land on their feet when they fall, but how do they do that? The phenomenon perplexed the nerdy cat owner who runs Smarter Every Day, so he set up his high speed camera and began testing with his kitty, dropping his pet upside down. 

The physics behind the phenomenon of cats always landing on their feet is even more amazing once you begin to understand the science behind it.

The nerdy cat video (which is just a perfect recipe for the Internet) has naturally gone viral, amassing over 125,000 hits in just two days. It is already featured on the coveted YouTubeTrends


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Kittens After Anesthesia

The Internet is covered in humorous ‘after anesthesia’ videos, but it’s always some teenager after getting their wisdom teeth removed. What about pets? They get surgery too sometimes. 

Naturally, the Internet’s request has been answered. Here are ‘Cats After Anesthesia,’ a video that was published in June, but has started to trend again over the course of the weekend. 


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Cat Answers The Phone

Who else hates a constantly ringing phone? Fred the cat really hates the phone, and after a few too many rings, just knocks the phone off the hook. Fred’s owners became suspicious when people would called, someone would answer without talking. Turns out it was Fred. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, HuffingtonPost, and DailyPicksAndFlicks


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Tiny Kitten Snuggles With Huge Saint Bernard Dog

 published this adorable pet video in 2010, but it has only gone viral in the past few days. Now it has amassed over 200,000 views just over the weekend, and is featured on CuteOverload

The owners say that they found the poor four week old stray kitten, and couldn’t bare sending him to the pound. Now, he is best friends with Abby, the great Saint Bernard.

The two just love to snuggle and play. The best part is the tiny kitten has a permanent toy to swat at with Abby’s huge Saint Bernard tongue constantly hanging out. 


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When Worlds Collide: 20 Adorable Cat + Dog GIFs

Cats are great. Dogs are great. The only thing better is when they’re together. 

  • 1

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 2

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 3

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  • 4

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 5

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  • 6

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 7

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 8

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 9

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 10

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 11

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 12

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 13

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 14

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 15

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

  • 16

    Via: ThePowerToKillAYakFrom200YardsAway

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Cat Sitting Lazily On Couch Watches Slayer Concert

This unpopular video posted in April just exploded with over 100,000 hits. It’s simple enough, but oh so good. A cat watches Slayer rock out at a concert on the big screen. But the cat isn’t on the floor sitting like cats usually sit. The cat is sitting on the couch lazy, fat man style. Like how I sit on the couch.


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