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Mockumentary About Bodega Cats

Bodegas are an essential part of New York City. The little convenience stores are everywhere, and there always seem to have a cat or two around. Most owners don’t mind the feline guests. The cats keep away mice and other pests, so the owners let them stick around. It’s mutually beneficial. But now the New York City government wants to fine any bodega with a cat. 


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Cat Experiences Snow For First Time

Over the weekend, England was hit with some snow. Nothing serious, but the Brits freaked out, and many people like Jef Charles were sent home from work early. 

Jef’s cat Fletcher had never been introduced to snow before, so he grabbed his camera and let the furry guy out the back door. Now, the new cat video has already amassed over half a million views. There’s just something so addictive about watching Fletcher frolic in the snow for the first time. 


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Cat Special Forces Compilation

Russian YouTuber  is famous for his cat obsessed videos. His latest compilation of ‘Cat Special Forces‘ features cats who attempt dangerous jumps and tricks, and ultimately fail.

Now, the video has gone viralviral over the weekend, amassing over 140,000 hits so far, and is covered on popular sites like Neatorama, TheDailyWhat, Fark, and IAmBored


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Kids React To Crazy eHarmony Cat Girl

Remember the crazy lady who made an eHarmony profile video? It was an instant viral hit, and people are still debating if it’s real or not. Rafi and Benny of the Fine Brothers showed the video to a bunch of kids to get their perspective and reaction. Sometimes you just gotta listen to the kids. They really dissect the whole online dating scene. Wow, these kids are smart.



Thanks Rafi and Benny!!

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Cat Plays With Piece Of Paper

Cat Plays With Piece Of Paper

Everyone knows the Internet loves cats, but how serious is this obsession? If this recent viral video is any evidence, the answer is very obsessed. This silly clip by Lorie Geee has gone viral with over 900,000 views! Does the video showcase some amazing animal trick? Nope, it’s just a cat playing with a piece of paper. And the Web is loving it! 


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