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Get Up to $400 For Your iPhone 4S


Interested in trading in your iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5? Most of the popular smartphone-buyback services are offering good prices for Apple’s previous generation smartphone.

This can be a great way to recoup the cost of a new phone — especially if you aren’t eligible for an upgrade or are switching to another carrier.

The iPhone 5 announcement means that tons of older iPhone devices are about to hit the secondary market. As we’ve seen in the past, that flood of devices can lower the buyback amount companies are willing to pay for your device. If you’re interested in selling your device to a buyback service, lock in now, rather than later.

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We looked at what the most popular buyback services are paying for the iPhone 4S. As of 8:30 p.m. ET, this is what we found:

iPhone 4S 64GB, AT&T or Unlocked

The 64GB iPhone 4S is the most expensive model, and that’s what we used to base our pricing on in this test.

The best offer we saw for the 64GB iPhone 4S is courtesy of eBay’s Instant Sale.

Instant Sale will pay $400 for a working, fully functional 64GB iPhone 4S. The device needs to be fully functional, have no physical damage and include the charger.

The popular trade-in service Gazelle will pay $350 for a 64GB iPhone 4S on AT&T. Earlier today, Gazelle was offering $400 for the same unit, which means that trade-in volume is already impacting buyback offers.

Like Gazelle, NextWorth is offering $350 for a 64GB iPhone 4Sat&t/). The device needs to be working and cannot have a cracked display.

Amazon’s Trade-In program will pay up to $391 on an Amazon gift card for a 64GB iPhone 4S. Amazon will actually pay $460 on a gift card for a “like new” iPhone 4S, but Amazon’s requirements for what constitutes “like new” is stricter than most other companies. It needs the original packaging and should be presentable as a gift.

At Apple’s Reuse and Recycle website, powered by PowerON, the company will offer a $345 gift card for a 64GB iPhone 4S.

Note: With the exception of Amazon and eBay Instant Sale, Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4S models go for significantly less than their AT&T counterparts.

Other Models

The buyback price for other models will depend on carrier and location. eBay Instant Sale, at the time of this writing, is offering the highest cash buyback amounts for most phone models.

Amazon.com is offering a better buyback price for some models; however, users need to keep in mind that they will be paid with an Amazon gift card, not cash.

Gazelle, NextWorth and Apple all vary depending on when you lock in your deal and what model you are trading in.

A number of services are also offering good rates for iPhone 4 trade-ins.

Are you going to sell off your old iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, hocus-focus

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eBay Debuts 3D Printing iPhone App


EBay dips its toes into the 3D-printing pool with an iPhone app that lets users customize accessories.

EBay announced Friday that it is getting into 3D printing with a new iPhone app called eBay Exact that lets users customize jewelry and accessories that will then be 3D printed and sent to them. Functionally, it’s not mind-blowing, yet it shows just how far 3D printing has come in the past few years and gives a hint of where it could go next

The app is pretty simple: Once you open it up, you see several items from 3D printing companies MakerBot, Sculpteo and Hot Pop Factory: mostly jewelry and iPhone cases, plus a few other items. You pick an item (I chose the Platonix necklace, available through Hot Pop Factory), and then modify a few features like the pattern, material, shape or color. (Some items can’t actually be modified at all.)


Available items are mostly made from plastic and metal. Users pay via eBay-owned payment service PayPal, and the purchase arrives within a week or two.

Since eBay already offers a number of popular and trusted apps, consumers may be more likely to find out about this one than other 3D offerings. They may be more willing to try it, too. Eventually, I could imagine 3D printing becoming a part of eBay’s core business, with sellers of accessory products in particular (like smartphone cases) offering a slew of customizable options.

Mashable composite. Images courtesy of eBay

This article originally published at MIT Technology Review

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Wil Wheaton Auctions Ruined ‘Star Trek’ Card for Charity


Wil Wheaton card

Wil Wheaton made a mistake. He admits it. Thankfully, he covered it up the natural way: with a doodled pair of sunglasses, the phrase “YEEAAHH!!” and a charitable eBay auction.

Wheaton, known in part for playing Wesley Crusher on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, is auctioning off a trading card (pictured above) of his character — signed, doodled and all.

According to Wheaton, he intended to autograph the card for a friend of a friend. When he accidentally wrote a line over his character’s face, he drew the sunglasses to cover it up. As he says:

But then you get an idea! You know how to save it and turn it into a priceless work of collectable art that will surely sell on an online auction site for ones or even fives of dollars. I mean, we’re not talking dented ping pong ball money, but it’s still something nice to give to your local humane society.

As for the “YEEAAHH!!” part?

And that’s when it hits you: dude, you’ve got this. You know how to save this, because you’re a professional and you know exactly what the hell you’re doing. You turn the sunglasses into THE SUNGLASSES OF JUSTICE and write, “YEEEAAAHHHH!” right across the top. You slam the card down on the table and say, “Nailed it,” because you did.

The rest of Wheaton’s hilarious post is definitely worth a read.

The current price for the card is at more than $600, with two days left to bid. Would you bust open your USS Enterprise bank to bid on this Trekkie collectable?

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