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Virtual Reality Remote Controlled Robot Avatar Brushes Cat

After much sweat and toil,  has finally unveiled his complete project. Using a Microsoft Kinect, a Nintendo Wii, a treadmill, and computers, he created a quasi virtual reality remote control robot avatar. To test his project, he successfully brushes a kitty in another room with only virtual reality control.  


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/01/04/virtual-reality-remote-controlled-robot-avatar-brushes-cat/

Upside Down Cat Flips Over To Always Land On Its Feet Explained In Super Slow Motion

Everyone knows that cats always land on their feet when they fall, but how do they do that? The phenomenon perplexed the nerdy cat owner who runs Smarter Every Day, so he set up his high speed camera and began testing with his kitty, dropping his pet upside down. 

The physics behind the phenomenon of cats always landing on their feet is even more amazing once you begin to understand the science behind it.

The nerdy cat video (which is just a perfect recipe for the Internet) has naturally gone viral, amassing over 125,000 hits in just two days. It is already featured on the coveted YouTubeTrends


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/08/10/cat-flipping-over-to-land-on-its-feet-in-super-slow-motion/

Yo-Yo Tricks In Space

Having the amazing opportunity to work in space is many scientists dream. And one of the best parts of being in space is the fun parts! Like experimenting with toys from Earth, such as the yo-yo. 

Since the physics are different in space, the yo-yo behaves differently, causing the tricks to have new outcomes. 

 just published this video NASA Astronaut Don Pettit showing us some cool new and classic yo-yo tricks in space that has started to trend. 


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Drop Of Water Orbits Needle In Space Experiment

One of the most important parts of actually being in space is that astronauts can conduct physics experiments in zero gravity they otherwise couldn’t on Earth. Here, a NASA astronaut conducts a small, yet amazing experiment. After ‘charging’ a knit needle with a piece of paper, he squirts drops of water near the needle, causing them to orbit it just like a satellite. 


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NASA Explains What Exploded Over Russia

The world was shaken when a giant meteorite hit the mountains of Ural, Russia last week. Now that all the dust has finally settled, Science At NASA has analyzed the data, and explains what exploded over Russia in this new trending video. 

Gizmodo, GeekoSystem, and EarthSky all cover the video in greater detail. 


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Mars Curiosity Rover Landing Point Of View

The mainstream focus surrounding the Mars Curiosity rover lasted a whole five minutes, but Internet nerds are still very much interested in the NASA made robot that landed on Mars on August 6th.  

Working frame-by-frame from the data made available from NASA,  spent four long weeks cleaning the original decent footage into this gorgeous, super clean video that has gone viral.

The day old video already has over 380,000 views, and is showcased on PCMag, Mashable, VideoSift, and WebProbNews.


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Computer Animation Of New Mars Curiosity Rover

The NASA space rocket which is carrying the new Mars Curiosity Rover has just launched, and will travel for almost nine months before arriving on Mars. This computer animation from April has naturally gone viral again now, and depicts how the new rover will land and work on Mars. 


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Who Owns The Moon?

Who Owns The Moon?

The question may sound ridiculous at first, but after serious contemplation it becomes more and more sincere. 

Who owns the moon? Really?

Can anyone claim property on the moon like the crazy guy who actually sells moon real estate? No government entity recognizes extra terrestrial property rights, but that didn’t stop one person from sending NASA a parking ticket for landing on an asteroid he claimed.

Super nerd Vsauce expounds on this topic in his latest educational video which is trending as usual.


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Quantum Physics’ Schrödinger’s Cat Explained

Most people don’t even know what Quantum Physics is, let alone understand the complex science. To help open your minds, this kitty video explains one of the world’s greatest mysteries, Schrödinger’s Cat. The video is featured on NewScientist, Neatorama, and LaughingSquid


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