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Man Records The Dramatic Ride To The Hospital As His Wife Is In Labor

Man Records The Dramatic Ride To The Hospital As His Wife Is In Labor

Every couple-to-be fears not being able to get to the hospital in time. That fear almost came true for Troy Dickerson and his heavily expecting wife. At nearly 2 AM, she began going through extremely strong contraction.

As they sped to the hospital, Christen screamed that the baby was coming! Finally, just as they drove up to the hospital she gave birth standing up outside the car. Thankfully it all ended well for the entire family! Phew!

Troy had a GoPro camera going the entire time and captured the entire dramatic scene on camera. 


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Boy’s Emotional Reunion With His Lost Cat

There are countless online videos of dog owners reuniting with their canines, and it’s always an emotional scene. The people cry, and the dogs jump up and down, wag their tails, and bark in excitement. You can tell the dog is happy to be back with their human friend. But cats are a different story. 

Jared is ten years old, and has had his cat, Clyde, for his entire life. When Clyde went missing for almost two weeks, and Jared was crushed. But A nice samaritan found the Clyde and brought him home. After school, mom surprised Jared with their newly found kitty, and Jared breaks down in tears of joy. Clyde The Kitty, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to give a hoot that Jared is back in his life, and kind of even looks away. He literally just sits in place as Jared cries. 

The video was posted in 2010, but just went viral now and is featured on SayOMG and DogAndCatExperts


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Firefighters Save Kitten Stuck In Pipe

It’s a classic cliche for firefighters to save cats from trees, but I’ve never seen or heard a real story before. Until now. The Redding Fire Department were given the difficult task to save a kitten that was stuck in a pipe. It’s a long first two minutes, but then finally, the kitten is freed.

You can hear it really crying, but once totally freed, relaxes. The firefighter puts the kitten in a box, because after dealing with cats before, he wanted to keep it from running away or further injuring itself. Later the kitten was adopted by the newswoman who covered the story.



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Six Viral Videos That Will Make You Feel Better, Warm Your Heart, Lift Your Soul

When you had the sniffles, or even just the blues, mom made you chicken soup and you felt better. That’s not always possible now, so here’s some Internet chicken soup to warm your spirits.


#1  A passenger car of Canadians start singing together on the way home from work. 




#2 The Hug Lady. She hugs every US Soldier deploying and returning at Fort Hood.




#3  Alex Gamble is a 4th grade teacher in the inner-city. So randomly finding a classroom of 5th graders singing One Day by Matisyahu truly warmed his soul and gave him hope.




#4 Matt W. has spastic cerebral palsy, but insists on pushing himself in all school gym activities. Contrary to what one might assume, the class didn’t bully or even dismiss Matt at the big race. They cheered him on to the end!




#5 The Internet–well, mostly 4Chan–once sent the best birthday party ever via mail to an lonely elderly man. See, this place isn’t all trolls.




#6 Kitty calms a  crying baby to sleep. That is all.


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Volunteer’s GoPro Video From South African Orphanage Will Make You Smile

Volunteer’s GoPro Video From South African Orphanage Will Make You Smile

Two years ago, Intsikelelo and his brother visited an orphanage in South Africa and fell in love. While his brother stayed to help the kids, Chris visited whenever he could. After being away for six months, Chris made sure to wear a recording GoPro camera so he could capture his reunion with the children. This uplifting video will surely make you smile.  

Now, they run a non-profit organization founded in 2014 to help orphaned, HIV infected, homeless, abused, and neglected children in South Africa. If you want to help the kids, visit their charity page at CrowdRise.com/intsikelelo


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