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Drop Of Water Orbits Needle In Space Experiment

One of the most important parts of actually being in space is that astronauts can conduct physics experiments in zero gravity they otherwise couldn’t on Earth. Here, a NASA astronaut conducts a small, yet amazing experiment. After ‘charging’ a knit needle with a piece of paper, he squirts drops of water near the needle, causing them to orbit it just like a satellite. 


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Cat Is Intrigued By Floating Snake Illusion

The Rotating Snake Illusion is an art piece that so many recognize, but few know the title. YouTuber Rasmusab thought it would make for an interesting experiment to show his cat the illusion, and record the results. 

Now, the video from February has experienced a viral explosion, amassing over 100,000 visits just today. It is also featured on VideoSift, Gizmodo, TastefullyO, and HyperVocal.

Did your cat react to the visuals?


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Send Your Experiment to Space With ArduLab

Shoot your very own experiment into space with ArduLab, a ready-for-research container that uses open source Arduino programming and is intended for microgravity research.

ArduLab officially launched on Wednesday, offering streamlined and efficient NASA-approved space experimentation to the general public, courtesy of Infinity Aerospace at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif.

Prior to ArduLab, independent researchers pursuing space experiments would have dealt with a time-consuming approval process or government red tape issues. Starting at $4,999, users receive the ArduLab module, software, tech support, and the results of the space experiment. The lab features a microcontroller, screws to mount hardware and sensors, other hardware components, a USB cable to upload files to your computer, and a carrying case.

ArduLab Specification web

ArduLab is geared toward those pursuing microgravity research, as the box will spend time aboard the International Space Station or on a Virgin Galactic flight. Participants in Wednesday’s launch included Jet Propulsion Lab, Stanford University, high schools and other individual experimenters.

As Florida Atlantic University engineer Mark Hoerber comments on ArduLab in a YouTube video, “this would have saved me a lot of time” because it’s “already approved to fly.”

For more, check out the video above.

Image: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center; Infinity Aerospace 

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Space Station Astronauts Put GoPro Into Floating Water Bubble

Space Station Astronauts Put GoPro Into Floating Water Bubble

Astronauts spend their time on the International Space Station working on science experiments that can only be done in zero-gravity. But it’s not just hard work and number crunching. In this new video by NASA’s Marshall Center, a group of astronauts create a large bubble of floating water and then put a waterproof GoPro camera inside it. You know, for science!


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This Experiment Proves Your Cat Doesn’t Like You

This Experiment Proves Your Cat Doesn’t Like You

Every cat owner wonders in the back of their mind if their cat even likes them back.

Hoy Cheung posted this clip that seems to have some bad news for feline friends. Though babies and dogs both appear stressed when their mother or owner leaves the room, and instantly run back to them when they reenter, cats are a different story. 

Oddly enough, it seems the human is the pet in the relationship. 


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