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Eagle, Fox, And Cats Hanging Out On The Porch

Nature is supposed to be ruthless, but that’s not the case on the porch of this Alaskan’s home. She recorded her two house cats just chillin’ on the front porch with an American bald eagle and a fox. Now that’s the harmony of nature. The video went viral after being featured on Reddit, and subsequently TastefullyO.


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/03/27/eagle-fox-and-cats-hanging-out-on-the-porch/

Fox Loves Marshmallows

 is a channel run by a girl with a true love for her furry friends. She has a camel, multiple dogs and cats, and even a fox

And boy does this fox love marshmallows. They’ve been his favorite treat ever since he was a baby, and as a special occasion, she gave him the whole bag at once. It’s interesting to see the red fox’s instincts kick in to save some of the excess for later, much like a dog will bury their bone.


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Elderly Man Explains The Nature Of His Pet Fox

Elderly Man Explains The Nature Of His Pet Fox

 of LPSCreativeMedia presents this enlightening video about the misunderstood fox. 

The clip showcases an elderly man who has adopted a rescued fox. He explains that the fox is often painted in children stories as the villain when in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The fox looks like a dog, purrs like a cat. But in fact is neither. They have the nicest nature of any animal I have eve met.”


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Fox Tries To Eat GoPro Camera

Fox Tries To Eat GoPro Camera

YouTuber TheOpenLens went to Round Island, Alaska to record wildlife and spotted a fox. He now admits it was a stupid move, but to get a close shot he put his expensive GoPro camera on the ground near the fox. Little did he know, this fox had a taste for plastic, glass, and metal, and quickly started chomping on his expensive camera. Now, this GoPro video of the fox eating the camera has gone viral!


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