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First Person Hyperlapse

First Person Hyperlapse

With the dawn the GoPro camera, anyone can become a first person cameraman. These videos are great, especially in time lapse mode. The only problem is, the videos are often shaky when sped up. Thankfully, Johannes Kopf has unveiled a new technology to smooth out any first person time lapse. He calls it Hyperlapse.


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Remote Control Helicopter Tour Of Las Vegas

Using a simple GoPro camera attached to a remote control quadrocopter, Team Black Sheep made this very sweet tour of the Las Vegas strip. The first person view video stands with 30,000 views, and is featured on MPViral.  


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First Person Footage Of Hawaii Plane Crash

First Person Footage Of Hawaii Plane Crash

ABC News has the exclusive video of a dramatic and terrifying plane crash in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii last week. 

Passenger Ferdinand Puentes captured the footage as the plane’s engine failed and they began to lose altitude with his GoPro, which has gone viral over the weekend.

Read more on ABC


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Boyfriend Sprays Girlfriend With Silly String ‘First Person Shooter’ Style

Jesse and Jeana of Prank VS Prank continue their shenanigans. For his latest prank on his love, Jesse attached a GoPro camera to a can of silly string. 

While Jeana was brushing her teeth before bed, Jesse barged into the bathroom, and let her have the whole can’s worth of string. Now, the FPS SILLY STRING video has gone viral, amassing over 1.7 million views in just ten days. 


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