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Cats Couldn’t Care Less About Magic For Cats

Cats Couldn’t Care Less About Magic For Cats

The Internet went wild when magician Jose Ahonen introduced magic for dogs. He managed to amassed over 13 million views!

Penguin Magic wondered, how would cats react to magic? Would they be as intrigued and amazed as the dogs were?

Hilariously, and unsurprisingly, the felines are not amused by magic for cats

What did you expect? 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Cat Sitting Lazily On Couch Watches Slayer Concert

This unpopular video posted in April just exploded with over 100,000 hits. It’s simple enough, but oh so good. A cat watches Slayer rock out at a concert on the big screen. But the cat isn’t on the floor sitting like cats usually sit. The cat is sitting on the couch lazy, fat man style. Like how I sit on the couch.


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Toy Dog Goes Missing After Being Launched Into Space

Step aside, Space X. One cuddly toy has boldly gone where no cuddly toy has gone before.

Sam the toy dog was launched up by kids from Morecambe Bay Community Primary School in Lancashire, United Kingdom, as part of a science project. His voyage began from the rooftop of a local hotel on Tuesday, April 5. Along with a GPS and a GoPro, Sam was lifted up 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) from the Earths surface by a helium balloon at a rate of 6 meters (19.7feet) per second,

While the GPS and the balloon havebeen found, the lone star-dog remains lost. They managed to work out from the flight data that hes likely to be within a 64 to 80 kilometer (40 to50 mile) radius of the launch site. The school said they woulddish out a reward to the person who finds the stuffed toy.

Read more: http://www.iflscience.com/space/sam-toy-dog-lost-after-launch-space

These Animals Are Loving Their Sweaters…Maybe

  • 1

    Do I look..puggy?

    Via: neimanmarcus

  • 2

    Why pink!? She knows I don’t like pink!

    Via: chic-dog-boutique

  • 3

    None of the other kids are wearing sweaters…

    Via: 500px.com

  • 4

    Yes, yes. I know, I’m adorable

    Via: lushome

  • 5

    For me?!

    Via: gggoats

  • 6

    It’s not too pink, right?

    Via: @cuteanimalpicsgalore

  • 7

    This kitten looks like an LA soccer mom wearing a knit turtle neck top, in 90 degree weather

    Via: twitter

  • 8

    Get in Betchhhs, We’re going Shopping!

    Via: dogtraininglessons

  • 9

    They get dressed up for dinner.

    Via: pitbullpersonalchecks

  • 10

    Family Photos, wearing grandmas presents! Sweaters!

    Via: lmaoanimalpics

  • 11

    Now the cat won’t dare to attack!

    Via: the Chive

  • 12

    It might be too big, don’t you think?

    Via: pets sync

  • 13

    What have you done hooman!?!

    Via: etsy

  • 14

    A hamster in a sweater… need we say more!?

    Via: etsy

  • 15

    You’re saying… If I get down, You’ll get this sweater off me?

    Via: pinterest

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GoPro On Whiskey Bottle At Wedding

GoPro On Whiskey Bottle At Wedding

During Brian and Allie’s wedding, James C stuck a GoPro camera on the side of a bottle of Fireball whiskey. Then, he passed the bottle of booze around for everyone to take a sip. After the wedding, he chopped up the footage to create this unique GoPro perspective video.  

Congrats to the happy couple!


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