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One-Eyed Cat Loves Surfing In Hawaii

  • Kuli is a one-eyed cat from Honolulu, Hawaii

    Via: Caters News

  • He was rescued from the streets when he was just tiny and his left eye had to be removed due to infection.

    Via: Caters News

  • At the age of 4 months, he started to love water and before his owners, Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton even noticed, He fell in love with the waves and started surfing

    Via: Caters News

  • Now he likes nothing better than riding the waves on his own boogie board

    Via: Caters News

    He was first introduced to a longboard before his owners put him on a boogie board so he could sink his claws in it

  • Before he could swim confidently on his own, Kuli always wore a life jacket

    Via: Caters News

    ‘He still wears it from time to time depending on the conditions, his owner told Caters TV, “but we are careful not to take him out if it is too windy or the water is too rough.”

  • Via: Caters TV

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First Person Footage Of Hawaii Plane Crash

First Person Footage Of Hawaii Plane Crash

ABC News has the exclusive video of a dramatic and terrifying plane crash in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii last week. 

Passenger Ferdinand Puentes captured the footage as the plane’s engine failed and they began to lose altitude with his GoPro, which has gone viral over the weekend.

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Divers Help Remove Fishing Wire From Dolphin

While deep sea diving off the coast of Hawaii, divers of Manta Rays Hawaii encountered a dolphin entangled with fishing hook and wire. The water mammal amazingly went up to the divers seemingly asking for help, which they were happy to oblige. For four long minutes, the divers struggles to relieve the dolphin of the fishing wire


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