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Man Records The Dramatic Ride To The Hospital As His Wife Is In Labor

Man Records The Dramatic Ride To The Hospital As His Wife Is In Labor

Every couple-to-be fears not being able to get to the hospital in time. That fear almost came true for Troy Dickerson and his heavily expecting wife. At nearly 2 AM, she began going through extremely strong contraction.

As they sped to the hospital, Christen screamed that the baby was coming! Finally, just as they drove up to the hospital she gave birth standing up outside the car. Thankfully it all ended well for the entire family! Phew!

Troy had a GoPro camera going the entire time and captured the entire dramatic scene on camera. 


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The Full Story Of The Red Bull Stratos Jump

The Full Story Of The Red Bull Stratos Jump

Remember back in 2012 when daredevil Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of sound jumping from the edge of space

As GoPro cameras were used to capture the historical event, GoPro has returned to tell the full story in this new viral video which already has over 1.4 million views.


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Recording Camera Falls From Skydiving Plane And Lands In Pig Pen

Recording Camera Falls From Skydiving Plane And Lands In Pig Pen

Mia Munselle had a GoPro camera recording right before he jumped out of an airplane while skydiving. But suddenly, it slipped and fell into the abyss. 

He never thought he’d find the camera again.

Incredibly, he found the GoPro eight months later on his own property. In his pig peg. 

The footage that was just released speaks for itself. 

In just one day, the clip has garnered over one million views!


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Rufus Tower – Man Builds Cardboard Box Tower Maze For His Cat

 has gone viral with an adorably interesting video about his cat and some handy do-it-yourself work. Rufus fell ill and required ear drops he hated. After the drops were done, Billy decided to ‘make it up to him’ by building him an epic tower maze out of cardboard boxes.

Rufus loves boxes, and when it was complete, claimed his tower. The Rufus Tower.  

The video of the Rufus Tower has gone viralviral, garnering over 200,000 hits since the weekend. It is featured on websites and blogs, like HuffPost, Reddit, LaughingSquidHeraldSun, and Jezebel


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Divers Help Remove Fishing Wire From Dolphin

While deep sea diving off the coast of Hawaii, divers of Manta Rays Hawaii encountered a dolphin entangled with fishing hook and wire. The water mammal amazingly went up to the divers seemingly asking for help, which they were happy to oblige. For four long minutes, the divers struggles to relieve the dolphin of the fishing wire


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