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Dental Surgerys With Lions, Leopards And Hyenas

Most of the time you get to see cool lifestyle sport video when the label “GoPro” appears in front of a clip. But not this time. Watch as animal doctors around “The Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson help a few of the most dangerous animals of the planet. With little cameras strapped to their heads… Over 1.2 million views after a few days for this video.

“Watch as, over the course of a week, one of the most ambitious wild animal dental operations takes place on Kevin Richardson’s sanctuary in South Africa.”

via: gilly

Read more: https://www.viralviralvideos.com/2016/11/08/dental-surgerys-lions-leopards-hyenas/

These 15 GIFs Prove Science Is More Amazing Than Fiction

Warning: Don’t try some of these things at home.

1. This is what happens when you cut a water droplet using a superhydrophobic knife on a surface that doesn’t get wet.

Arizona State University/Sploid / Via journals.plos.org

2. This is the view from the Soyuz capsule, the spacecraft that takes astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS), as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA / Via youtube.com

3. This is what vibrating guitar strings look like up close (captured using a rolling shutter effect).

Andy Nicolai / Via youtube.com

4. This is how Astronaut Koichi Wakata rides a flying carpet in space.

AFP News / Via youtube.com

5. This is what happens when you light a CD and blow on it.

Science Videos / Via youtube.com

6. This is what happens when you stuff an orange full of fireworks.

Michael Hession/ Slo Mo Lab / Via youtube.com

7. This is what happens when cardinal fish eat ostracod plankton. Ostracods produce bioluminescence so that the fish spits them out.

BBC / Via bbc.co.uk

8. This is what happens when you mix Russell pit viper snake venom with human blood.

BBC / Via youtube.com

9. These Neodymium magnets spark when they collide in a blender.

Blendtec / Via youtube.com

10. These Astronauts put a GoPro camera inside a floating ball of water in space.

NASA / Via youtube.com

11. These magnets can attract cereal.

Omar Kardoudi / Via sploid.gizmodo.com

12. This is what you see when a GoPro is strapped to the back of a lioness while she’s hunting prey.

GoPro / Via youtube.com

13. This is what happens when you crack an egg 60 feet below the surface of the ocean.

Live Science / Via youtube.com

14. Airplanes look like shooting stars in this time lapse of an airport.

Milton Tan / Via youtube.com

15. This bot fly from Belize emerges from a scientist’s skin after he let them incubate inside of him.

Piotr Naskecki / Via thesmallermajority.com

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Sneaky Lion Cub Scares Dog

Sneaky Lion Cub Scares Dog

Dogs are supposed to be the ones to bully cats, but when the cat is a lion cub the tables are turned. While visiting the Animal Training Farm in Bot River, Western Cape, South Africa, Shaun Swingler captured the adorable scene when a lion scared a distracted dog. This video has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million hits!


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33 Rescued Circus Lions Are Returning To Africa By Airplane

In whats being called the largest-ever lion airlift, 33 lions rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia are being flown to a sanctuary in South Africa.

The flight is scheduled to take off in the early hours ofFriday, April 29. The nine Columbian lions will be collected from the capital, Bogota, on a cargo aircraft, which will then pick up the remaining 24 lions from Lima before flying to Johannesburg. The lions will then be taken by land to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.

Over the next fewmonths, the sanctuary will expand the size of their environment and gradually introduce them to each other to ensure the shock of the new home isnt too much.

The rescue and flight arepart of an initiative by Animal Defenders International (ADI), who have lobbiedto ban the use of wild animals in circuses in Peru and Colombia.Twenty-four of the lions were rescued through raids in Peru, while the remaining ninewere voluntarily given up by circuses in Columbia. Nearly all of the lions, however, have suffered. Some havehad their claws removed, many have brokenteeth, one has lost an eye, and another is almost totally blind.

Jan Creamer, the president of ADI, said in astatement: These lions have endured hell on Earth and now they are heading home to paradise. This is the world for which nature intended these animals for.It is the perfect ending to ADIs operation which has eliminated circus suffering in another country.”

Read more: http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/33-rescued-circus-lions-are-returning-africa-airplane

GoPro And Kevin Richardson Visit Lions In South Africa

GoPro And Kevin Richardson Visit Lions In South Africa

Kevin Richardson, known online as the lion whisperer, journeyed with the GoPro production crew to South Africa to get up close and personal with wild lions and to highlight how the king of the jungle is quickly becoming endangered. 

While the crew stayed safe in the car, Kevin reunited with his pride of lions who are like a family to him. Of course, while wearing his GoPro to capture the stunning footage. 

He also hung out with a pack of hyenas. 


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Young Elephant Survives Attack By Lion Pack

Young Elephant Survives Attack By Lion Pack

The cameraman assumed it was all over when he saw a pack of fourteen lions attack a young elephant. Lions can take down a fully grown elephant when they are really hungry, so it seemed the little guy didn’t stand a chance. But amazingly, he never gave up. Finally, after apparently realizing that cats hate water, the elephant ran into the watering hole until he created space between him and the cats. 


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Lion Cub Chirps While Trying To Roar

This video was uploaded in the summer, but just became a viral sensation this December with the help from being posted on Reddit. Redditor AllThatJazz claims the baby lion chirps for his mother just like house cat do as mother cats have a tuned radar for the high pitched sound. 


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Great Cats React To Mirror At Big Cat Sanctuary

Tigers, lions, leopards, and other great cats spend so much time grooming, the nice people at the  wanted to show the kitties how good they look. They took a giant mirror to the edge of the pen and showed the cats their reflection. Some of the huge kitties are scared, while others seem happy to see such a familiar face. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat and TastefullyO.


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Lioness Gets Too Close For Comfort With Nature Photographer

Graham Springer is a nature cameraman who works for Earth Touch. On a recent mission with a colleague, the two photographers were taking pictures of a lion pride in the distance. 

But before Graham could pack everything away, a curious stray lioness found his area and started sniffing about. It made for a breathtaking video, but Graham naturally had to change his underpants after surviving the dangerous event. 

Now, the five day old video stands with over 300,000 hits


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