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Agile Water Jetpack Allows User To Fly 30 Feet And Swim Like A Dolphin

Swimming can be a slow and tedious sport, but with Franky Zapata’s new Flyboard you won’t have to anymore. The French jet skiier created the water jetpack system which gives the user amazing aquatic agility. The jetpack only costs around €4,900.


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/12/07/agile-water-jetpack-allows-user-to-fly-30-feet-and-swim-like-a-dolphin/

Brazilian Family Shares Home With Pet Tigers

Brazilian Family Shares Home With Pet Tigers

This incredible news report by Barcroft TV has gone viral, quickly amassing over 100,000 views.

The Brazilian Borges family wasn’t satisfied with a conventional dog or cat, so they super-sized their pet order to not one tiger, but pack of seven. After rescuing two tigers from the circus, Aryas started breeding the big cats, and even lets his daughter play with them. 


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/09/27/brazilian-family-shares-home-with-pet-tigers/

Kitten Born With Two Faces

What’s cuter than a cuddly new born kitten? How about a kitten with two cute faces? Nash Hand and his wife Amanda Forsythe were lucky enough to be the kitty-grandparents for a two faced cat which they named Harvey Dent, after the Batman two faced villain.

Sadly, the kitty didn’t make it and passed away only two days old according to ABC7. The video is also featured on DailyMailCopCop, and Buzzfeed.


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Fresh Step Bacon Scented Kitty Litter News Report

 knows the Internet is obsessed with cats, and feels right at home with the feline friendly web. The cat food company even made this fake news report about new bacon scented kitty litter in honor of April Fools. The early joke is featured on YouTubeTrends


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GoPro Camera And Creator Nick Woodman Featured On 60 Minutes

GoPro Camera And Creator Nick Woodman Featured On 60 Minutes

The GoPro camera has become an Internet staple with official GoPro videos going viral regularly.

Content creators love the simplicity, durability, versatility of the small, water-proof cameras, allowing once impossible adventure videos to become almost ordinary on the web. 

The small camera has made such an impact, Anderson Cooper of 60 Minutes featured the tiny tech device, and its billionaire creator Nicholas Woodman, in this special report


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/11/13/gopro-camera-and-creator-nick-woodman-featured-on-60-minutes/

Real Life Garfield Is Named World’s Fattest Cat

Everyone knows Garfield, the world’s laziest fat cat who loves lasagna. But this 40 pound cat isn’t from the comics. He’s real!

According to , the real life Garfield is now officially the world’s fattest cat. Thankfully, the large kitty has been put on a strict diet, and is up for adoption. 


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Cat Swims For Physical Therapy After Car Accident

Mog the kitty was hit by a car and suffered nerve damage in his front legs. His vet recommended that he swim for physical therapy. Mog already enjoyed the water, so getting him to swim a couple kitty laps wasn’t difficult. Now mog loves to swim, and then relax in the hot tub.

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The Story Behind The Keyboard Cat Meme

The investigative reporters at Vice have chosen the obscure subject matter of the Keyboard Cat meme for this report. In 2007, Internet nerd Brad O’Farrell posted a YouTube fail video with a clip of the now famous KB Cat playing the scene off. That video now stands with over 29 million views. The rest is history. 

The clip is from VICE’s new upcoming film, Lil Bub & Friendz.


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