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Adobe Looks to Bridge Gap Between Mobile and Desktop


Image: Mashable composite.

Adobe is making new efforts to bring its ever-growing suite of mobile apps more in line with its flagship desktop offerings. The goal, they say, is to create an environment where users can seamlessly transition projects and workflows from mobile to desktop.

To help further this vision of “truly mobile to desktop workflows,” the company rolled out a series of updates Monday, including nine new and updated mobile apps, enhanced Creative Cloud tools and improved touch optimizations for the Surface Pro 3 and Windows 8 devices.

On the imaging side, Adobe added two new Creative Cloud-connected iOS apps: Adobe Brush and Adobe Shape. Brush allows users to create customized brushes based on photographs. Snap a photograph and users can focus in on a portion of the image that will become the brush stroke. Once created, brushes can be saved via Creative Cloud for later use in Illustrator or Photoshop on the desktop or the Illustrator Sketch iOS app.

Shape transforms mobile photos into vector illustrations, which can then be used in Illustrator or the Illustrator Line iOS app. Take a photo and the app generates an illustration based on the lines and borders in the photo. Adjust the portions you want to save and the image will be saved to your Creative Cloud Library.

Adobe Shape app

Adobe Shape allows you to turn photos into illustrations that can be opened in Illustrator or Illustrator Line.

Image: Adobe

Adobe also unveiled a new video app, Premiere Clip. The video editing app is a kind of pared down version Premiere Pro that streamlines basic editing features on iPhones and iPads.Users can trim videos, apply filters, transitions, soundtrack and slow motion effects to videos.

Premiere clip

Premiere Clip takes iPhone and iPad videos and adds music, transition and other effects automatically.

Image: Adobe

Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line, the two companion apps to Adobe’s Ink Stylus and Slide Ruler, have been renamed Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Line to emphasize compatibility with their respective desktop counterparts. The Photoshop Sketch update also adds six new built-in brushes and better Creative Cloud support.

Similarly, Adobe Ideas— now Illustrator Draw— has been given the same naming treatment and now supports the Ink and Slide accessories. Photoshop Mix, another app that launched alongside Ink and Slide, is now also available for iPhone users who want to take advantage of the app’s compositing and masking features.

The company is also rolling out the first public beta of its Creative SDK, which allows third-party developers to tap into the Creative Cloud Platform for their own apps. The SDK is currently only available for iOS but the company says it plans to make one available for Android and Windows.

But Adobe isn’t totally ignoring Windows— Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects have all been updated with better touch support— including new gesture controls in Illustrator— for the Surface Pro 3 and Windows 8 devices.

All of the new and updated apps are available now. The iOS apps are free and the updated desktop apps are free to existing Creative Cloud subscribers.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2014/10/06/adobe-mobile-updates/

18 Brilliant Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

We first wrote about Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer and retoucher, 4 years ago, when he was still a computer engineering student. Even back them, despite lack of professional training in photography, his wildly creative photo manipulations would be a stand-out example of retouching.

Erik’s work has a two-fold effect: on the one hand, it’s completely unbelievable and reality-defying, while on the other hand the high-skilled retouching makes it look almost real. The photographer first develops an idea in his head before he sets out to make the pictures; he even models in some of them himself – yes, that’s the blond guy, distorting his face with his own fist! [Read more…]

Erik says he has been drawing for as long as he can remember – maybe influenced by his painter grandmother – but his first digital camera at the age of 15 opened up a whole new world for the guy: “Being used to drawing it felt quite strange to be done after capturing a photo, it wasn’t the process of creating something in the same way.” He picked up his interest for retouching while studying, and today is a prolific artist, working on both commissions and personal projects. Let his fantasy worlds absorb you!

Website: erikjohanssonphoto.com

Expecting Winter

Electric Guitar

Cut & Fold

Set Them Free


Arms Break, Vases Don’t

Fishy Island

Snow Cover

Face vs. Fist

Roadworker’s Coffee Break

Go Your Own Road

Vertical Turn                                               Self-Actualization


Big Laundry Day

Stryktålig                                                     A Painting Too Real

Order Print


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