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Athletic Cat Is Better At Parkour Than You

Athletic Cat Is Better At Parkour Than You

Didga the kitty isn’t your average cat. He’s a nature born athlete. He’s gone viral in the past after demonstrating his impressive skateboarding skills, and stands with over 2.6 million hits! Now, Didga and his owner Catmantoo have teamed up to show off his awesome parkour moves and tricks. Ninja kitty!


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Cambridge Parkour POV

Athlete and Ampisound team member James Kingston donned a GoPro camera and pulled off some hair-raising parkour moves off the tops of buildings and homes in Cambridge, England. 

Now, the point-of-view video by traceurelements has gone viral, garnering over half a million hits in less than a week. 

Music is Placid Acid by Tourist. 


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