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Watch This Homemade Electromagnetic Gun Vaporize A Piggybank

A few weeks ago, aguy on YouTube built a real Mjlnir hammer. Now, YouTuber Ziggy Zee has created a DIY railgun. And no, as they say in the video, you wont be finding this on Pinterest.

A railgun, simply put,is an electricallypowered electromagnetic gun. The U.S. military oftenexperimentswith them and NASA even once toyed with the idea of using one to launch objects into space.

The backyard rail gunfires the projectile with 56 480-joule capacitors, with a burst of carbon dioxide to help it along. To give you some perspective, one joule is the amount of energy needed to lift a 100 gram (0.2 pound) apple vertically through one meter of air they’re using over 25,000 joules.

The railgun is the fruit of two years’ work, some of which you can check out onImgur.

Also, in case it wasnt obvious, dont try this at home.

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