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Mini-Drones Battle Remote Control Cars Action Scene

Mini-Drones Battle Remote Control Cars Action Scene

Special effects studio Corridor Digital teamed up with drone company Parrot to put together this heart racing action scene. While going for a drive through town, a gang of bandits attack a group of cars. But thankfully, there were drones equipped with lasers to fight off the criminals. The entire scene looks like an action sequence from a big budget Hollywood film, but really it was created using toy remote cars and mini-drones. Awesome! 


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Photophrapher’s Quadcopter Crashes Into Groom’s Head

WeddingMan123 is a wedding photographer of the 21 century. He doesn’t just take a couple pictures with a digital camera. He goes above and beyond, even utilizing a remote control quadcopter equipped with GoPro video cameras to create stunning visuals. 

Problem is, he still needs to work on his flying capabilities. While attempting a fly-by, the quadcopter accidentally crashed into the groom’s head, even cutting his cheek.

But don’t worry. The bride and groom were able to laugh about the mishap and were even the ones to request the video be posted online.

Now, the two week old video has only gone viral now, garnering over 600,000 hits since trending over the weekend. 


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Amazon Prime Air Delivers Packages With Drones Commercial

Amazon Prime Air Delivers Packages With Drones

Amazon has just unveiled this commercial for their much anticipated drone deliver program, Amazon Prime Air. Soon, the skies will be full of small, unmanned drones delivering packages with no human required.

The goal is to have packages delivered to customers in as long it would take to go to the store and back, about 30 minutes. 

But don’t expect to use the system just yet, as there are many technological and regulatory hurdles to jump.


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