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Sight Sci-Fi Short Film

In a futuristic world reimagined, everyone will be equipped with electronic eyes. No longer will people need external computing devices, rather their new eyes will create a hybrid augmented reality for their users. Soon everything will become a ‘game’.

 isn’t coming any time soon, but it’s a cool thought of what the future holds. 


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Cats In Space – Short Stark Trek With Cats Parody

What could every space exploration movie or TV show use more of? Cats, of course! 

 made this exciting and entertaining digital science fiction short, but added a special kick. Live cats. The results are truly spectacular!

The week old video just went viralviral today, and was just covered by YouTubeTrends, LaughingSquid, Mashable, MarySue, and the DailyWhatGeek.


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Ohio State Marching Band Honors Space And Science Fiction

Ohio State Marching Band Honors Space And Science Fiction

The Ohio State University marching band honored all things space during the Buckeyes game versus Illinois halftime show. The theme was called They Came from Outer Space, and their performance including music from Star Trek, Apollo 13 and Armageddon. They even marched in the formation of the Starship Enterprise. Live long and prosper!  


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