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Simon’s Cat Feed Me Short Cartoon

Everyone’s favorite cat, Simon’s Cat, returns in another adorable animated short. Cat lovers all know that feeding time can drive their feline friend up the wall, and Simon is no exception. As he says, “An impatient kitty can’t wait to be fed.”

And fellow cat owners can relate to Simon. “My cat would do this, except that he’d use himself to trip me and then he’d cry about how he got hurt,” says Unwantedparadox.


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Simon’s Cat In ‘Screen Grab’

The web’s most popular animated feline, Simon’s Cat, has finally returned with a new episode. In Screen Grab, Simon’s cat, and his kitty friend, accidentally turn the TV on. After flipping through the channels, they finally knock the television over like so many household pets have before them.

JubJubBirdProduction is fond of the days when cats could sit on the TV without an issue, commenting, “Good old times, when your cat could sit on those huge TVs. Not crash it.”


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Simon’s Cat Creator Draws His Life

Simon’s Cat Creator Draws His Life

Like so many popular YouTube channels, Simon’s Cat began as an accident after someone uploaded Simon’s first digital animation to YouTube, and the clip went viral. 

As so many other prominent YouTubers have taken part in the Draw My Life meme, Simon has stepped forward to explain the origins of his art and how Simon’s Cat became such a famous cartoon today. 


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